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  1. I did a wee dig through our squad and wrote out who can play where (it's what I do in my FM saves, so now I'm doing it irl). We have seven guys who can play centre-half (to varying levels). Durnan and Crighton are the only two natural ones, granted. But Sena can play there, Cammy Clark played there for Annan, Matty Shiels showed last season that he can do a job there, as can Mikey Miller. And that's before you get to our stand in last season, Aron Lynas. Will any of them be able to do it for a good chunk of the season in League One? Who knows. But I'd like to think that, between them, we have enough options to get by. We've actually got a really nice balance across the squad now options wise. 3 RBs, 4 LBs, 5 DMs, 4 AMs, 4 LMs, 4 RMs. A few Swiss Army knives there like Miller and Carlo are maybe looking that look more healthy than it is, but it's certainly not a bad place to be in at all. Michael Ruth is the only striker though. Hilton could maybe do a job if Ruth misses a week or so, so we're badly needing at least one more natural forward and I'd like to think that's where Faz's focus will be for the rest of the window.
  2. Declan Glass back at Cove https://x.com/CoveRangersFC/status/1803393586488054087
  3. Yeah Amadou was during the Championship. Played a couple of Betfred Cup games and then went out on loan. Sure he scored an overhead kick for Stevie Farrell's Stranraer too?
  4. You mean you don't remember Amadou Kassarate?
  5. Sena Niang in at Dumbarton from Cove https://coverangersfc.com/2024/06/19/sena-and-tyler-moving-on/
  6. Looks to me like Cove broke the golden rule of club media. Breaking another club's news...Normally you'd just say 'To move to another side' or something. https://coverangersfc.com/2024/06/19/sena-and-tyler-moving-on/ Anyway, that's a signing I'm very into. He'll be our Cian Newbury replacement, and I doubt we could've got anyone with a stronger pedigree. I've no idea how he did at Cove last season. But he was a decent prospect at the Jags and performed pretty well at Alloa a few seasons ago iirc. Always a player I've liked the look of.
  7. https://x.com/AnnanAthleticFC/status/1803020421249314971?t=0TmhCoI1bv8zJSJ3ZNpWmQ&s=19
  8. I've only watched a few games due to being out all weekend (Friday obviously, then Italy v Albania and now this) but the atmosphere has looked absolutely tremendous in every game. I can't remember the last international tournament I watched where the crowds and supports were as passionate as this. Maybe Germany 2006? I can't say I've thought about Romania as a nation since Marius Niculae played for Inverness. But I found myself going 'YES' when that third went in, just because their support has been absolutely class.
  9. Looks like the l4ds are having some time out in Germany https://x.com/opengoalsport/status/1801287415899762790?t=U_Mqs8_NOqWXPg04APZHbw&s=19
  10. Calum Waters in at Alloa https://x.com/AlloaAthleticFC/status/1801293925027659871
  11. Kyle Fleming in at Annan https://x.com/bencarmichael07/status/1800613342106574940?t=zUY8kQJm4NJdq-8rH2Ea_g&s=19
  12. I really liked what Allan Hale did with you guys last season and, on paper, that's some good business so far. I'd imagine there might be a fair few Inverness offcuts available to hoover up soon who could more than do a job in League Two. If you could tempt someone like Mark Ridgers in then that would be a coup. 12 months ago I thought you looked in a terrible state. But (at this very early stage admittedly) I'd fancy you for a playoff push.
  13. That pesky EK Twitter admin, what a scoundrel!
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