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  1. Got to think that with calibre of player they have available ( and not had to pay for obvs ) that still flirting with relegation has got to be very disappointing. 2 games against us they've looked decent ( caveat I'm getting info on 1st game 2nd hand ). Maybe they're just playing season out.
  2. Think with Talbot having so many games to play in so short a space that Beith are still favourites. However this time next week we could have a champion
  3. I think Loch Park's a decent place to watch football. Decent raised terrace, esp on one side, seating, good food outlet, bar inside ground. Think you're being harsh on your old girl.
  4. I'm a Bill or a William ... and according to some a Willie but that's their own prejudice kicking in
  5. Well given its really only an issue at Tier 4 to 5 and 6 to 5 then that's where focus is. You win a league then - if there's a league above and its part of same progression - then you should be promoted subject to meeting criteria. Self interest kicks in mibbee with regards to declaring an alternate if the Champion Club - in this case - is not licenced. I think I come down on the make Tier 6 licenced side. Then it's not an issue as it brings it entirely under control of the West set-up
  6. Guy that runs P&B is a St Mirren fan ... coincidence ? I leave you to draw your own conclusions
  7. Well I'd hope that someone running for League President and looking to represent all clubs wouldn't be going around telling porkies ... or indeed slagging off member clubs on forums.
  8. Have you ? To the question are you Alex McDowell ? Forgive me, I didn't see it. Can you answer again please. Yes or no is fine
  9. They were allowed to do it. At the clear detriment of a club's title chances
  10. Your name has come up on threads. It's a simple enough question though. Are you he ?
  11. The "bedshitting" run we went on was 4 single goal defeats 2-1 away to the current and champions elect again 1-0 at home ( 86th minute goal ) to a team that apparently have spent next to no money in acquiring a superb squad - I wish I knew how they did it 3-2 at home to a team that have gone on fantastic run to 3rd place 1-0 away ( late goal ) to team that are in Junior Cup Final and have spent a fortune on what is still a v good side. So if that's bedshitting then you need to accept some slagging as well
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