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  1. I'm not even sure what the definition of "own ground" is. Is it being the only team that use a ground, no matter who actually "owns" it ? For example - until 2008 when we moved to share Holm Park ... the ground was owned by West Dunbartonshire Council and leased to Yoker. Now its owned by WDC, leased to Holm Park Community Football Academy and with ourselves and Yoker as permanant tenants. Or is it perhaps - that one must own a ground outright ? To fulfil our very pass remarkable critic's requirements, we'd therefore need to spend several millions on acquiring a ground, obtaining planning permission and building a compliant stadium. I'm really not sure that would satisfy his voracious appetite for complaining but maybe it'd be worth it
  2. You don't half talk some bollocks. Our current 1st team squad has 21 players. Of those 5 are in their 30s, 15 in their 20s and 1 teenager. Leishman is the oldest at 35 - but goalkeepers rules are different Darroch is 34 and taking on a coaching role. I'd be surprised to see Jamie play except in extremis Little is 32 - still scoring goals Low is 32 - and now has 2 guys in Jihnstone and Cairns that will free up his creativity MacKenzie is 32 and pretty fit. Now you can snark all you like but things are going OK and we're not exactly a team that's "over the hill"
  3. 8 of starting 11 in their 20s. Leishman at 35 is oldest, Little is 32 and top scorer every season with us. Darroch is 34 and moving to a coaching role. Not really a team of geriatrics
  4. West Premier 2024-25 predictions thread for this pish
  5. Predictions for the season bit of fun. I'm not going first
  6. He has my full backing until he doesn't. Same as any manager. It's an important season but they all are. He's a thoughtful and committed guy so he's got a chance
  7. A lot of stupid carry on last year - wasn't it Irvine Meadow who went weeks without a home game and Pollok had a run too. Of course we went a month either no games at all then some teams did half a seasons worth in around a month. Petty jibes aside - is it not a point of agreement that the fixtures given should be as balanced as possible with a fair run of home and away fixtures to help with cash flow and avoid runs of Home games during the really poor weather, amplifying the possibility of one team running up a backlog of games. The crazy amount of cups doesn't help, as does the lack of usable floodlights - but you can't help look at Pollok's run in particular and think it's fair ? Taking into account their financial issues last season - which couldn't have been helped by a run of no home games ( am I recalling that correctly ? ) then having no guaranteed home games until November isn't the hallmark of a professional league.
  8. Pretty certain that's obligatory. Whether the whole truth is told or not is less clear
  9. Wasn't it the case that they couldn't prove what they owed ? Happy to be contradicted
  10. 100% this ICR. There's no need for 4 National leagues
  11. Yeah he's 35. This will mibbee be his last move youdve thought. Hopefully he gives us a bit of consistency between the sticks and steadies defence. GK and CM were our 2 key areas to strengthen so that's been done. Hopefully add 1 or 2 others before start of season.
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