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Hoping to take the Mrs. to Calabria next year, it's her ancestral homeland and neither of us have been.  Have any P & Bers ever been?  If so any suggestions?  We have a couple of places we need to visit, one near Reggio and Locri but apart from that I am looking for ideas/tips of interesting places

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On 8/18/2018 at 04:56, stevieKTID said:

Italy is amazing, hope this helps


I've only been to Italy once about 10 years ago and agree it's incredible!  Naples was as far south as I got and I loved it there, it's a brilliantly mad and crazy city with fantastic food and fantastic people so part of our trip will definitely be Naples before trekking further south.  Also the Mrs. really wants to go to the ruins of Pompeii so it's a natural place for that.

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Leaving Tuesday to Italy for two weeks!  Flying to Rome, have a couple of days there before a few days in Tropea and then Reggio.  After that it's back up the boot to Naples before back to Rome to fly back 

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Have only been here a few hours so far after a couple of days in Rome and I have to say so far it's brilliant. Got to Tropea in time for a late lunch of grilled swordfish that was super fresh, oh and the town is pretty beautiful

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