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Scottish nuclear submarine disaster film

Derek Patterson

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Trying to find something I saw a trailer for the other year around a nuclear submarine explosion in the Clyde and the following chaos.


Trailer showed a submarine off Greenock (was filmed from the Esplanade) which was reported as having some sort of issue that caused it to stop. Family watching and filming it when suddenly there's big explosion from it. Inevitable fallout and the family fleeing to find safety.


Don't know if the full film was actually completed or it was only the trailer.


Anyone else know what this was called?

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2 hours ago, KnightswoodBear said:

Cheers. Looks interesting, though the likely tiny budget will make it a struggle to do anything of note.

I'm disappointed that the trailer made no mention of where Morton would be playing their home games with Cappielow now out of action.

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