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  1. There might have been more, I can't quite remember tho.
  2. Did Hearts not have to play their home games at Murrayfield until about November when their new main stand wasn't ready?
  3. There was a "Strike" game on the PS1, Soviet Strike. I can't mind if it was any good or not.
  4. Was especially good as it came straight after Rio Ferdinand dribbling on about his fantastic movement whilst they showed the goal where he basically stood stock still until the ball landed at his feet.
  5. Southgate showing exactly why not a single club has tried to take him away from the England job in all the years he's been there. Taking this group of England talent and making them so mindnumbinly dull to watch is a fantastic feat.
  6. Was at Liam Gallagher at the Hydro last night. I was slightly apprehensive about it as the last time I saw him live was late in the day Oasis and his voice was shit, but I was pleasantly surprised last night how good he sounded singing Definitely Maybe. His band were excellent as well and it sounded every bit the Oasis concert that I hoped it would be. Him thanking everyone for coming out to watch him when Scotland were playing because "if England were on, I wouldn't fucking come and see me" and his no fucks given about "not doing the high bits" on Up In The Sky were funny I thought. There was (not that I heard anyway) no barbs aimed at his brother, and I did notice that Noel did feature a few times on the really excellent graphics that they had on the big screens behind him on the stage. Cracking gig. eta: To be able to start your gig with Rock 'n' Roll Star, Columbia and Shakermaker and then have your encore consist of Supersonic, Slide Away and Live Forever is pretty fucking cool.
  7. I found the sound to be a bit all over the place all night. Just when you thought they'd got on top of it, it would all go a bit wrong again. Took out two eldest and whilst the youngest (8) was flagging a bit towards the end they both loved it. Even with "all the swears". Monkey Wrench is still my favourite Foo's song.
  8. I always love these threads where people pull back the curtain just a little too much and we can see the unrestrained madness that hides just under the surface.
  9. Yeah I normally can't stick Faldo, but he was absolutely on the money with that
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