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  1. I got the brakes done on an old car of mine years ago. Took the car to the same place a few months later for it's service and MOT and got the "your brakes are almost gone" chat after the service but before it went in for the MOT. I called back and asked to speak to the manager and advised that if the brakes were almost gone less than 4 months after his garage replaced them, then there was obviously something wrong with the parts they were using. He went away to check and i got a call back about 15 mins later saying that they had made a "mistake" and called the wrong person. Despite me making sure that they were talking about my car at the time. Yes, dear reader, it was Arnold Clark.
  2. Dubai isn't a place that folk you want to be friends with go. It's an airport you stop off at on the way to nice places.
  3. Nae idea what you are on about, meight.
  4. Can I just say something without everyone getting mad...
  5. Do you think the Rangers fans that sing the unacceptable songs are all at church on a Sunday?
  6. I know that the accusations of whataboutery are usually leveled at fans of Rangers and Celtic, but fucking hell.
  7. Lads, they put what appears to be a Rangers crest bathmat down on the floor in their designated changing room in a neutral venue for a Cup Final, calm down.
  8. Dune Part Two. I thought this was excellent and visually stunning. If I'm being ever so slightly picky, it's not quite at the level of Part One. They've made a couple of big changes from the book and left out a really pretty major plot thread that will need to be introduced if Part Three is made. I felt that it rushed the ending slightly as well.
  9. Yeah, last year we couldn't put anything in but this year they put a load of rules in place. To be fair it was full greens and proper tees all round. Course was very wet underfoot in places but it held up remarkably well considering the rain we have had.
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