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Media coverage of women's football compared to the men's game in Scotland


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8 hours ago, TheIntenseHummingOfEvil said:

Women's football seems to get quite a lot of coverage nowadays, which is surprising because nobody on the planet cares about women's football.

I know you're being a dick because you enjoy it, but FWIW more than a quarter of the tickets for the World Cup in France have already been sold. In countries like the Netherlands and the USA the women's national side gets big crowds, and there has been a huge surge in attendances at women's games in Spain this year. So your moronic, twat-signalling post is bollocks too.

Folk like you are falling by the wayside. I know it must hurt to see the world changing before your eyes, and know you're being left behind. Best just accept it and let it go. And f**k off back to whatever forum you usually haunt.

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9 hours ago, SmithAidan1 said:

Hi everyone, I'm writing my dissertation on the media coverage of women's football compared to the men's game in Scotland. 


It would be much appreciated if you could help me out by completing this short survey and sharing. Thanks in advance!




Worth saying, Alan Campbell is the journalist to follow for news about women's football.

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