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  1. When a tinpot thing happens in a men's game nobody attributes it to men's football. This is fk all to do with "women's football". It's just a thing that happened in that game.
  2. I don't think even Arsene Wenger would claim that, but the game's all about opinions Gerry.
  3. Arsenal came second that season with 78 points. They got put out the Champions League at the second group stage, only winning one game. I think you're maybe applying a bit of nostalgia.
  4. Talking about the Lowland League as if all the clubs are the same is as stupid as talking about the SPFL as if all the clubs are the same. Do you hold Stranraer accountable for Neil Doncaster in the way you're blaming all Lowland League clubs for the decisions of the league? Might want to think about how the B teams are your beloved fellow SPFL clubs and Stranraer have a B team in a tier 6 league too. The EoS and WoS have a minimum of 3 relegation places from their 16 team leagues, they make up the vast bulk of the pyramid south of the Tay, yet you claim that "the leagues below are much bigger and operate pretty much the exact same way as League 2". It's a bit early to be drinking. And finally - using the low values of 8 clubs as justification for having low values isn't big or clever.
  5. Saying they "fumbled" it is a bit harsh. Their position was always a little artificial because they hadn't been to South Africa while everyone else around them had. The 2 points they took last week were very ballsy. It got away from them yesterday when they had a 50-50 crack at a win but they were always underdogs in these two games and taking 2 points from them is 2 points more than most expected.
  6. Mate, you're the one with the truly desperate patter. Having a go about B teams in the LL at folk who are opposed to B teams in the LL, because of some weird SPFL loyalty, despite the fact the B teams are SPFL clubs. Give it up and stop trying to antagonise people.
  7. I'm pretty sure Burnieman didn't let B teams into the Lowland League.
  8. Thanks. Could've been worse. We could have been looking forward to a 10-team conference league with 4 games against EK and 16 games against the four B teams.
  9. No law firm wins every case; if the charge is strong enough anyone can go down. They may be the best but they're not magicians. Nobody thought Juventus would get relegated and stripped of a title and if it can happen in Italy it can definitely happen here.
  10. I've been wondering if it's bad news for Man City that the Premier League have dealt with Everton and Nottingham Forest before them and that their investigation is taking so long, rather than the good news many seem to assume. Officials have had the time to work out the strong and weak points and, critically, how the appeal panel see things. We'll see.
  11. Arsenal's points total of 89 and goal difference of +62 would have been enough to win the Premier League in 16 of the past 28 seasons. Regardless of the conclusion it's a great effort. Apart from in the two games you play against them you can't do anything about how many points your opponents get, you can only focus on winning your own games. They were just one point short of the invincible season.
  12. I know, that was my point. Last I heard it's nothing to do with the stadium criteria anyway, it's about paperwork.
  13. Meadowbank needs precisely one covered seat. It would be ridiculous (if typical) for the SPFL to insist on that, but even if they do, it surely wouldn't be difficult to instal.
  14. One of the best noises in football is fans mocking opposition fans for cheering a shot that went wide but they thought had gone in.
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