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  1. So my unpopular opinion - there never was anything wrong with the tactic. The narrative that's formed around that game is prehistoric - possibly the best team in the history of the Euros won the final 4-0 playing the same basic formation. There were two problems. First, the formation leaked and we lost the element of surprise. And much worse, Levein executed it really badly because he didn't focus enough on how we would play out when we got possession. His one idea was Jamie Mackie - making his debut wide right - chasing hoofs down the wing. Gordon Strachan tried something similar in a home game in the Champions League against AC Milan, with Tommy Gravesen wide left. It wasn't working, same as the Scotland game it was 0-0 at half time but he changed it and Celtic went on to win that game 2-1. Lambert didn't move to Celtic because it was the best club he could get, he moved to Celtic because he wanted to go home. Borussia Dortmund were sad to see him go and the send-off the fans gave him was incredible. He was too good for Celtic, and he played a huge role in getting them to the UEFA Cup final and last 16 of the Champions League. Celtic were incredibly lucky at that time to have good players - like Henrik Larsson - who were wanted by bigger clubs but for other reasons chose to stay in Glasgow. When Lambert arrived at Celtic they were ranked 60th in the five-year UEFA ranking; when he left in 2005 they were 22nd. For context the team in 22nd place now is Arsenal. As for Scotland, I always remember Lambert missing the Scotland-England play-off game in 1999 and us losing 2-0 to a pair of Scholes' goals. With Lambert in the team that might have gone differently. He wasn't Deschamps but he was easily better than Callum McGregor.
  2. MPs and Ministers should be paid on a formula reflecting what the rest of the country makes. So something like adding Universal Credit, annualised National Minimum Wage, the median full-time salary, the median incomes of women, disabled people and ethnic minorities all together and then dividing by whatever number takes it down to the current level of pay. Then their salary increases are tied to those of the country as a whole. I've long said, if they believe in the free market so much, the Royal Family should be put out to competitive tender. The government would draft a specification and then the lowest compliant bid would get the job. You could easily cut costs by 90% and get the same functions. Some bids might fail a criminal background check. Terminate what, the interview or the politician? Can't wait to get the train to Orkney.
  3. I'm not saying I think anything will change, I'm asking whether the developments and investment at two sites are a sign that anything has changed or not. If not, what are they doing it for? The bit of Bught Park that was Inverness City's ground is now the home pitch of Highland Athletic, isn't it? The requirements of the NCL are presumably lower than the NRSJFA, a few grounds don't even have a pitchside rail.
  4. While that's true, the cause isn't a general German thing. It's decades of underfunding because the federal government are in the pockets of Germany's big car manufacturers.
  5. They don't need a licensed ground for the NCL of course. Maybe the planned new development across the road from the Inverness Royal Academy? And could they be part of the refurbishment of Bught Park?
  6. Sorry if I'm missing something but I don't understand how that's a reply to what I asked. What can Swinney do to get a referendum?
  7. Wee correction - the seats are covered but only the rear half of the terracing at the front of one of the stands is covered. In the other three stands none of the terracing is covered.
  8. Gets even better. In St Andrew's Square in Edinburgh, while we're playing Germany on Friday night, you can watch a freeoutdoor showing on a giant screen of Pretty Woman. Big mistake. Huge.
  9. Obviously there will be some movement from one to the other bu you can't infer much about direct movements between parties from a poll unless the swings are huge. Apart from anything else, at any given time over 30% are non-voters and many will move between that block and a party preference. I suspect a lot of the fall in SNP and Tory vote shares will be responding to polls as unsure or won't vote rather than saying they'll vote for someone else. You always get a little movement late in campaigns these days and IMO a lot of that is this group making up their minds. It varies by area and election but the proportion who are on the electoral register but just never vote is an awful lot lower than those who don't turn out for any given election. Also, it's a certainty that there will be movement between every combination of party, because people are really really weird. For example, in the 2007 election the constituency and regional votes were on the same sheet of paper so you could see how people used both votes. In my constituency every possible combination occurred, including voting for the National Front constituency candidate and the Lib Dems on the list. I can't imagine what that's about.
  10. The comfortable middle class truly believe that if you put these haufwits on TV everyone will see them as haufwits and it will go badly for them. Sherri Peach came across to people who can read as a slavering maniac, and they assume everyone will see that. Their incompetence is in not understanding how large a proportion of the British public will agree with it. You talk to these people about racism and they'll say things like it needs to be pulled out into the open so it can be dealt with, otherwise it just continues in private. That's how they think.
  11. This is one of the things I love about international football - you have to play the cards you're dealt, which leads to tactics you would never see in the club game. Stand-out examples are things like Romania's 3-6-1 with Hagi dictating the game with his left foot from the right touchline and Spain massacring Italy 4-0 without a forward. Austria are a bit like Scotland in that their star is a left back so they use him further forward and coming infield, but we're especially weird in having two of them. Then there's the perennial conflict between picking better players or a better formation. IMO it's a bigger test of a manager's talent than club football.
  12. Though this is a more likely candidate for the song we're going to keep hearing. Germans are nuts for this, and it got brought into a new generation as the theme song for Deutschland '83.
  13. I'm sure the instantly forgettable scheisse that is the official song will get a performance. Accompanied by what is comfortably the worst music video of all time. Watch and see what stands out:
  14. We haven't been to any of the past 6 World Cups and we've never got out of a World Cup group. Switzerland have been to five in a row and made it out of their group in four of them. This is their third Euros in a row, they made it out of their group in the previous two and knocked France out last time. Switzerland aren't a big name, they haven't achieved anything meaningful but over the past 10, 20 years they've had the kind of record we would have killed for. I think we sometimes build our expectations on vibes rather than actual track records. Obviously these games are winnable and we have every chance, we're just not favourites.
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