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The Bottom Three: Any Reasons to be Cheerful?

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Bored of not having a game for over a week, I was thinking about the positive reasons I can put forward for Dundee not finishing in the bottom two.

All I could come up with was -  the potential for goals from Nelson, Miller & Wright and the likliehood of getting to play both St Mirren & Accies at home after the split (assuming no-one gets three home games against one opponent).

Can any other fans of the bottom three come up with positive reasons why their club will finish 10th?

(Please note that positive reasons DO NOT include things like - "the other two are even worse than we are"!)

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17 hours ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:

Do we not have thread for this already?

The 3-team mini league aka the 3 teams that are utter pish league.

There is that thread, but it seems to be dominated by posts along the lines of accies fans saying they are total pish and the others will stay up easily etc. I was looking for actual positive reasons that each team would have about staying up, if any exist. Just a product of a boring work day and no weekend matches for the mighty Dee... 

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