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Kenny Dalglish at Cumbernauld United


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In his autobiography, Kenny Dalglish says that he scored four goals on his debut for Cumbernauld United in season 1967-68.  Does anybody know who Cumbernauld's opponents were in that match?  And can anyone confirm that he did score four in the game?  Thanks :-)

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Many thanks, Statto 1967.  I see that it was actually his second game for Cumbernauld, rather that his debut.  By the way, I had actually checked that website but didn't find the page you directed me to, so thanks for that.  So, that now throws up the related question;  who did Cumbernauld Utd play on Dalglish's debut?

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I have two souvenir boklets issued by Cumbernauld Unuted. Uniteds very first match was at Dunipace on Monday 31st July 1967 which they won 5-2. Dalgliesh did not play in this game. It is stated in the other booklet that he did score four goals in his second match for the club, a 5-1 win over Yoker, No date given for this game. United were playing their home games at the Sportsfield in Kilsyth at this time as Ravenswood was not yet ready. The files of the Kilsyth Chronicle may have reports on some of these games as this paper also covered Cumbernauld news at this time. The Motherwell library holds the back issues of this paper as Kilsyth is now part of North Lanarkshire. Dalgleish scored 37 goals in his season at United, not bad for a 16/17 year old.

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17 hours ago, gogsy said:

Any truth in the story that when Jock Stein asked him if he wanted to go out for a second season to Cumbernauld Dalglish told him to "get tae **** I'm not going back there":unsure2:

He did refuse to go back on loan but don't know if he told him get tae ****


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Opening of Ravenswood 

Jock Stein took Celtic team including the Lisbon Lions to play Cumbernauld United 

In a 15mins each way game Bobby Lennox and Willie Wallace scored in a 2-0 win 

Then they played against a Celtic Starlets side losing 4-1 Macari x2 Conolly Quinn  and Rae scoring for Cumbernauld 

Opening of Guys Meadow in 1974

Manchester United were the opponents in a 3-1 defeat 

Both were record attendances of over 4000 

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Thanks for the excellent information guys.  I saw Kenny Dalglish playing for Cumbernauld United in a Scottish Cup 1st round tie at Victoria Park in Irvine.  It was on the 4th November 1967 and a young, red-cheeked Dalglish scored twice in Cumbernauld's 5-2 win.  Both Joe Wark and Jumbo Muir played for Irvine Victoria that day.  The Scottish Cup match was actually the second time he had played for Cumbernauld United at Victoria Park.  A month previously Cumbernauld had come to Irvine to take on the Vics in the 1st round of the West of Scotland Cup but I can't remember whether I was at that game or not.

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1 hour ago, The clean living guy said:

I didn't know that Cumbernauld played at ravenswood before Guy Meadows. 


And at Kilsyth Sportsfield before Ravenswood as I have already mentioned. Incidentally a pre-WW2 Cumbernauld team had played at Guys Meadow  so it was really a return to their spiritual home.

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Just to add to this topic, My Dad played for Dunipace Juniors in the late 60’s when Kenny played for Cumbernauld United, Now my Dad was a bit of a player and was being chased by a few clubs, My Dad’s story was that he played Cumbernauld and scored a hatrick but they lost the game as Kenny scored 4 and got the MOTM.

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I have had a look at the Evening Times and together with what is posted here I believe Kenny Dalglish’s first game for Cumbernauld United was against Glasgow Perthshire on Saturday 12 August 1967 when he scored at least one goal in a 3-0 win.

Cumbernauld United played Yoker Athletic on Monday 14 August 1967 and this ties in with what Garrellburn wrote: “he did score four goals in his second match for the club, a 5-1 win over Yoker, No date given for this game.

Here is what I found as Cumbernauld’s opening matches that season:

The Evening Times (29 July 1967) gives Cumbernauld United’s opening three League matches as follows:

Monday 31 July 1967 v Dunipace (A) – the Evening Times (1 August 1967) has a good write-up on the match (it says Cumbernauld won 6-2) and the players but does not mention Kenny Dalglish.

Wednesday 2 August 1967 v Pollok (H) – no result or report.

Saturday 5 August 1967 v Bellshill (A) Cumbernauld won 6-2. There is a match report in Evening Times but Kenny Dalglish is not in the Cumbernauld line-up.

After that the matches I found were:

Saturday 12 August 1967 v Glasgow Perthshire (H) – “Dalgleish” is listed in the Cumbernauld team.  He scored the second Cumbernauld goal in a 3-0 win.  The scorer of the third goal is not given.

Monday 14 August 1967 v Yoker Athletic (A) – no match report or result.

Saturday 19 August 1967 v Blantyre Celtic (H) –Cumbernauld won 3-0 but there is no match report.

Saturday 26 August 1967 v Benburb (H) Cumbernauld won 4-3 Kenny Dalglish scores one goal.

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