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Argentinian football

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Their seems to be a trend amongst groundhoppers, in that Buenos Aires is the place to be nowadays. More and more people are booking up to go there. I'm also now looking to visit BA next year to take in some games. With a population of circa 2.8 million people and 55 professional clubs within the city, it's easy to see why it's so popular. The two big questions that are doing the rounds are match tickets, and security. Is their any other hoppers that would fancy going over, or have already been over. I'm looking for practical advice and tips, and if anyone else fancies going, please feel free to post.

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I went in 2011 as part of a wider South American trip so didn't explicitly pick a game in advance. Boca and River were both away the weekend I was there (it was during the River banter years in the 2nd tier) so went to San Lorenzo vs Lanus.

I used an agency, can't remember which one but they picked you up from hotel and back and got you a terracing ticket, was  behind the goal a couple of blocks away from the ultras. They chatted a bit about the game and football in general although sadly their knowledge of Partick Thistle was lacking.

You were in crazy early though, must have been like 2 hours before kick off. That day they played the reserve match on the same pitch  prior to the main event which helped pass the time.  Also had the traditional choripan (roll and fried chorizo with chimichurri sauce). At that time the away fans were still allowed and they got away at the end while the home fans got kept in, presumably on the basis that if it was the other way around the home fans would just wait for them outside.  Think away fans have since been banned at all top flight games and then allowed outside the big 5 in Buenos Aires.

The area around SL's ground (google maps link) probably wouldn't win any beauty spot awards, not sure about security, if you're planning to do it yourself would imagine normal rules apply of not being a dick or obvious tourist and you'll be fine, although I was also warned that the area around Boca's ground between the stadium and  la Caminito with the painted houses is as bad as it gets.

In general terms, Buenos Aires is amazing, and it'll be pretty cheap once you're there. When I went in 2011 the FX rate was 6.5  pesos to the pound and it was still decent value compared to the UK, it's now 56 although I think there was a formal devaulation in there so prices will have been adjusted and you won't be getting fillet steak for £1.50.

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