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anything goes with james english


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been watching all his interviews on youtube. really good viewing. just watched him interview luke mitchell’s mum. i think he deserves a retrial seems to be a lot of f**k ups regarding his case. i’m not just going on his mums side either.



he has interviewed paul ferris johnny boy steele among others. well worth a watch.

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Aye i agree, i quite enjoy his podcasts, a good verity of all sorts he invites on.

As far as that Luke Mitchell goes, he has had shit loads of appeals turned down, these appeals based on pure speculation & playing the blame game. Appeals will never be accepted based on this alone, i think he needs to get proper experienced people behind him, who have had success on MOJ's before, but i suspect these types of people won't touch it for a reason. Personally i think he is guilty.

I used to really dislike Ferris for obvious reasons, But really enjoyed his interview & my opinion changed on him, comes across as very intelligent & he wants to do a lot to try help others.

Funny enough, i also liked the Andy McLaren one, he had a fair story to tell.  Although he still looks like, he likes the drink & stoor.


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