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Can you be registered in two teams - One competitive and one development?


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Hi all, just looking for an answer to this question.

My son is a 2008, but plays with a 2007 team, they are just moving up to 11s competitive now and will be playing Saturday football.  He has been with this team for around 5 years.

There is another local team just started in the last year or so for the 2008s, they are moving to 9s and will play on Sundays in the development. 

I just wanted to know if he can play for both teams, as one is competitive and one is development, or is this against the rules?

Any advice appreciated.


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Officially SYFA won't allow this. Many teams bend the rules mind you but I'm not advising you to do that [emoji23] I played for my team in the 96 age group on a Saturday and on the Sunday I played for the team my dad helped coach and my brother played for which was 94. Both played 11s. The team I was registered for were very good about it and thought it would benefit me getting experience playing with an older age group as well as my own. This wasn't an everyweek occurrence though, only if required

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11 hours ago, Bestsinceslicebread said:

Which isn't allowed.
Everyone can play with two teams and use a different name.

its something that the Syfa and the SAFA, and the SFA should all come together and change

I'm not sure what kind of advantage if any could be gained?

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8 hours ago, junglehenry said:

I'm not sure what kind of advantage if any could be gained?

it doesn't matter, currently its the rules. I am against it as well.

I would like to see a youth player able to play for his youth team on, say, a Saturday and play for his amateur team on a Sunday.
it gives the lads experience at different levels and standards and gives him experience of playing more football than most

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