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The P&B Pub Quiz Volume 02

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We're running the pub quiz again tonight at 19:30.

30 questions tonight, some of which have been written by someone other than me (@palmerstonblues on twitter).

This time I'm not going to give out the game code until 19:15 so you've then got 15 mins to join the game, up to a capacity of 500.

I'll post the code here and on twitter.

Then just go to https://myquiz.org  enter the code and wait for the quiz to begin.

If the room is full we will run it again at 20:30 and one final time at 21:30. Check our twitter account if you want to play.

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If any posters wish to play a regular quiz series just for fun as well as doing Divs thing we run a quiz thread which is pinned to the top of the Gen Non section, we have weekly league tables plus the odd cup comp.

All in good fun and irrespective of disagreements, team differences etc that is all left at the door in the quiz thread.  Feel free to join.

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Just now, Div said:

He didnt make a senior appearance for Newcastle. 😁

I thought the question was who did he start his career at rather than who did he first play first team football for?

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3 minutes ago, pandarilla said:

Locked out again, which is weird. It's like i signed in at twenty past and then it said there were too many players and i couldn't get in, right as it's about to start.

You doing another re-do?

Running again 20:30 and 21:30 tonight mate.

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