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  1. I can't see any possible reason why it wouldn't be downgraded to a yellow which I assume in turn will mean he will still miss the next league game (Livi Away) but would be available for Sunday.
  2. Tough time of year and been a lot of games in quick succession so I guess add in the live TV coverag, who we are playing, and it being on the Sunday, then lower than usual ticket sales were to be expected. But this is really poor with just 48 hours to go!
  3. Ticket sales don't look great to say the least.
  4. This could really go either way. Should be a cracker with loads of goals, so I'll go for 0-0.
  5. Very close, 10 posts or more inside an hour.
  6. Spot on. This was a punt, by both clubs, to get a proven goalscorer in on a short term deal to the end of the season. End of the day the risk was fairly low, let's say it's a £2k a week contribution to his wages over 20 weeks, £40k. It's not insignificant, but in the big scheme of things, it was a bit of a no brainer. Each place in the league is worth about £200k in prize money, and then there is the additional carrot of European football to chase. Saints televised cup tie against Celtic will not have been budgeted for, and that income would have pretty much covered the spend, whereas Kilmarnock are at home to a lower league club in the 5th round so will be justifiably confident of a quarter final place. Again, unbudgeted income that I guess they have speculated with. Can't blame either club for taking a punt on him, and it was a toss up between us with KVV preferring Killie. Them's the breaks. If I was a Motherwell fan I'd be very, very worried though. Unlike Killie and St.Mirren they are absolutely DESPERATE for a striker, they only have one fit number 9 right now. They are also still very much in a relegation dogfight and they had the chance to get a player that scored 20+ goals there just last season. And yet they could only offer HALF of what Killie and Saints could?? That should terrify their supporters.
  7. The overall wages for Brophy, including what we were paying his agent, was more than £3k per week. We were very, very glad to get shot of him.
  8. I'm hopeful that we can squeeze something good out of Scott and that Kwon can help us carry more of a threat from the middle of the park. Need to stay positive. We have not become a bad team overnight, just one of those runs which has been a mix of tough fixtures, poor performances and some hard luck stories. I'm still confident we can finish strongly but I do concede that top six is looking a bit of an ask with Hibs, Dundee and Kilmarnock all looking like they had very good windows.
  9. It would be churlish not to say KVV is, on paper, an outstanding signing for Kilmarnock given how he performed last season. He'd have been a brilliant signing for us, and I'm gutted we didn't get him. Sounds like our board have seen the opportunity to get what is after all a proven goalscorer at this level, and thought it was worth a punt to the end of the season, and the Killie board have thought the exact same. Clubs like Killie and St.Mirren don't get the chance to sign a guy who hit 20 goals in our division very often! IF Killie get him going again then it nails their top six spot IMO, but by the same token there are no guarantees. He's not played in a couple of months, and let's be fair he was a bit hit and miss before last season's purple patch. Interesting to see how it pans out.
  10. A shame if we've missed out but if there were funds to make a serious offer for Van Veen those funds will still be there and hopefully we have a decent plan B!
  11. Big Stefan has us in a two horse race for Van Veen
  12. He's bound to be mentioned, especially with Burrows there, but the current run we are on, coupled with "Goodwin Factor" probably rules him out IMO. Even if we were still in good form I don't think the Aberdeen fans would appreciate Robboball much.
  13. Absolutely with Chaps here, this is a season defining run of fixtures. It's hard to dress the current run up as anything other than stinking, the numbers are fairly damning; 2 league wins in 10 Only scored in 2 of those 10 fixtures 7pts from last 30 on offer 11pts from last 42 on offer You can however spin it a wee bit.......... Four of our last five league games have been against the teams sitting 1st through to 4th, and we won the game against a team below us. In the run of 14 games where we've only won 3 and drawn 2 we have played Rangers and Celtic 4 times Hibs and Dundee are going to be very tricky games. If we can even get 3pts from those two I'd be fairly happy before we then have a pop at Celtic in the cup and then the three games against, with all due respect, three teams we really need to be beating if we are in any way serious about being a top six side.
  14. Never massively look forward to either Rangers or Celtic coming to town to be honest. It's more enjoyable than it used to be when they took over the ground right enough, but the gulf feels as big as ever at the moment and the lunchtime kick off comes along to sap the remaining enjoyment out of the fixture. If we keep 11 men on the pitch there's no reason we can't give them a good game I suppose. Actually fuck it, 2-1 Saints.
  15. There is no chance anyone is coming into the squad and replacing Scott Tanser, unless he's injured. I took that line to be the only way they could crib the word Rangers into the tweet they made about the potential signing. A bit like the other day when the Record tweeted about "former Rangers hero Duncan Ferguson shovelling snow off the Inverness Caley Thistle pitch" Absolute fucking melts.
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