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  1. Our "GTF Day" which is the day every year that the site rolls over into the new season. This year, from Sunday June 2nd supporters of the teams promoted or relegated should move on to their new divisional forum home. We will also amend all the forum descriptions, the homepage will be updated and any other relevant business will be completed. Until then we'd ask fans of all promoted or relegated clubs to stick to their relevant forum where appropriate, so take your medicine for another couple of weeks if you've been relegated, and lord it up for a while longer if you've had a successful season.
  2. In terms of players leaving you'd have to think all of these will certainly go; Strain Dunne Flynn Baccus Greive The loan players also need to be counted out at this moment so; Hemming Kwon Brown And then I guess there are question marks about some of the younger players like; Offord Kenny Gaffney Given the seasons they've had away from the club you'd imagine Taylor and Sutherland will be part of the first team squad next season. I'd also be hopeful that Hemming will come back, either on a season long loan again or permanently. Must be a reasonable chance of getting Kwon back too, as there's no chance he'll be getting a game for Celtic IMO. Going to be a fair amount of churn, and it's going to really have to be done in pretty short order if we are going to have a team ready to be competitive from 25th July. Exciting few weeks ahead!
  3. Be very surprised if Jacob Bedeau does not come in as LCB. We've been after him before and were priced out but he's out of contract this Summer. Ticks every Robbo box.
  4. I have had that issue renewing my sons Student ST, so suspect it's something to do with the uploading of proof as I don't think that's been a thing before. I've reported to the ticket office.
  5. That was a great read @Stellaboz thanks for sharing! Cologne sounds cracking, absolutely buzzing!
  6. Can you try switching off tracking protection in Edge? See if that resolves it?
  7. Tried a different browser just to eliminate that as a potential cause?
  8. When you paste in the twitter link are you choosing "Paste as Plain Text Instead" ?
  9. Sorry for the delay, the original PPV thread has now been restored. Cheers
  10. Always look forward to a day out in Dundee, it's an absolutely brilliant away trip! Completely different type of pressure in this one, it really should be enjoyable for both sets of fans with both teams going right at it. Home side are rightly favourites, in better form than we are, and absolutely pumped us up there last time, but we've got big players back and whilst I think we will certainly concede on Saturday I also fancy us to score at least one ourselves too. I'll go 2-2 with a last minute Toyosi equaliser sparking limbs in the Shankley, keeping us 2pts clear with 3 to play.
  11. I've cleared all our server side cache so hopefully that issue will be resolved. You're not the first to report that, so if it does happen to anyone after this message (Noon on Sat) please do let me know.
  12. Morning! I've applied a micro-patch that sounds like it *might* resolve this issue, and I've also cleared all our cache. I've logged a ticket with the developers as well as there's some strange messages in the log files that aren't usually there. So, bear with me and hopefully I'll get this resolved.
  13. I think that's fair. Whilst finishing top six is a good achievement there is still a sense of what might have been given that we've chucked away a huge number of points that we really shouldn't have. We've lost more points to Livingston than any other team in the division this season, failed to win in Dingwall and lost at McDiarmid Park against a very poor St.Johnstone side. No divine right to win any game but it's throwing away points like that (and of course the awful record against Killie) which has ultimately cost us a challenge for 4th. If we still get 5th and qualify for Europe it will definitely be a successful season but if we come up short again and finish 6th it's hard to be overjoyed. Suppose that says a lot for how far we've come but there's always the niggle that two of the bigger clubs being shit in the same season probably won't happen again for a good while anyway.
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