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Walking Down the Beechwood Road mk 2

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1 minute ago, Townhead Lad said:

So you have no clue? Boyd phoned Talbot as per Talbot coaching staff unless you are willing to declare otherwise. 

I never claimed to know 😂😂😂 gawd this forum is scraping, I asked you how you knew how people were presumably announcing themselves on the phone. You’ve then yes or no’d me on something you’re suggesting you heard from Talbot coach staff? Mind boggles 

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7 minutes ago, Townhead Lad said:

Believe it or not I’d take Talbots side in all of this. Darvel showing themselves up with lack of class and a league official letting himself down acting unofficially for a club he isn’t register with. The phone call was made, ask your manager 

I honestly don’t know if what you’re saying is true or not but would hope that people are correctly positioned & registered to be doing whatever job they are doing. Is Colin not on the west board? I can however imagine how me approaching Tucker with ‘a random guy on a message board told me to ask you XYZ and report back to him’ would go 😂🙈

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