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Normal People

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Surprised not to see any mention of this here, apologies if I've missed it. About halfway through this now and love it. I think it won't appeal to a lot of people but it's so relatable for those it will appeal to.

From being the 17 year old who has literally no idea what they want and trying to go with flow/please everyone, to feeling like your missing out and hating those who don't work and spend their University lives drifting from society to committee, abstracting and bullshitting so confidently in any discussion, the character of Connell is one that I think a lot of working/lower middle class guys who went to uni will have a lot in common with. Marianne less so but her story is equally compelling and together the relationship is heartbreaking, and beautifully shot/scored.  


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Appreciate that the themes in this won’t  be to everyone’s taste but it really is excellent.  One of the best things I’ve watched in a long time.

The two leads in this are superb and they play off each other perfectly. Also credit to the guy that plays Jamie. He plays him perfectly.
It’s incredibly faithful to the book, the dialogue is pretty much word for word for most of it. 

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I thought it was really good too, but:


The 'miscommunication' scene in her kitchen when he's telling her he's going home for the summer and they just break up without actually talking things through really irritated me. Surely if you liked each other so much then you'd have handled it better than that? "I'm going home for the summer" "Want to see other people?" "Yeah" "No bother". Just can't see how that would happen.


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Really wanted to like this but not taking to it. I'm sorry. 

Was getting directors mixed up and thought it was by the guy who did Whiplash and La La Land and was really struggling to see any overlap. Got that totally wrong and it's the guy who directed Room (which I thought was really good, if a bit of a tough watch). 

Will try a couple more episodes. The fact the actors are clearly in their mid 20s playing school kids yet having pretty middle-aged conversations in the early episodes was a sticking point but I can see how they'd grow into themselves more. 


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