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Scottish Junior Cup -


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Took in Cumnock/Glens game , good support came out for both teams , Glens had better 1st half super goal by the forward, Cumnock better team 2nd half when Glens went to 10 it didnt look good for them but they hung on even a penalty getting saved . A win on penalties for Cumnock in a very enjoyable game for the neutral with a big crowd big atmosphere and plenty action. Its a shame some teams have given up on this competition as it can still bring out a good support on a wet and windy weds night.

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Being nosey, what happened at the end of the Largs game on Saturday?

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1 hour ago, Inanimate Carbon Rod said:

Saw it reported that a group of fans were letting off smoke bombs in a deliberate attempt to sink the Millport Ferry, possible Russian interference. 

I've heard it said that if the two different Nardini clans meet then we are looking at MAD, thought it might have started at full time on Saturday.

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Well, the SJFA organised today's semis against a Scottish and English cup semi, nae programmes, nae video, scarcely any photographers...


The SJFA could have used the SJC as a bargaining tool, the basis for an all-encompassing Scottish non-league tournament. In fact it's dying on its backside. Last Roy one-off semi I attended before today was in 1977, crowd of 9000 v Shettleston at Firhill. Today's crowd was maybe 600 or so. Against Auchinleck.


No wonder the SJFA has been largely abandoned by its clubs.

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