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Peterhead v East Kilbride


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Went to this with Montrose out & not fancying the glorified pre-season friendly at Pittodrie.

It was a decent game. I thought that after Joao Vitoria put EK ahead with an excellent counter-attacking goal that Pheid might be in for a rough afternoon. EK were fit, motivated and neat & tidy whilst the home team, bluntly, were slow, ponderous and seemed hungover. EK should have perhaps been further ahead before "Rusty" McLean equalised after some untidy play in the EK box. Within a minute a booming right foot volley from McCarthy, at an angle fifteen yards out, turned the game on its head totally.

In the second half, Pheid were on the front foot for 25 minutes or so only for Jaoa Vitoria to turn home neatly from close range after some frankly terrible defending. Having got back on terms, EK defended for their lives for the remainder of normal time and extra time. I have no idea how the ball stayed out the net. McLean had a goal late in normal time ruled out for a marginal offisde, and also hit the bar. Bravery from the goalkeeper and lack of composure in finishing saw the game finish 2-2 although the home team really should have finished the 120 minute mark about 4-2 ahead.

Penalties weren't so dramatic, Pheid scored all 5 and only EK's poor no. 14 hit the bar. A very hard fought and absorbing tie maybe lacking a bit in quality, but decent enough entertainment.

Peterhead under Jim McInally are just too slow and ponderous in front of goal. They lack a bit of guile on the ball and seem to try and bludgeon their way through teams. It didn't really work today against a very impressive EK who could easily be promotion challengers in League Two. There was very little between the sides.

For the home team, was really impressed by Ryan Duncan who had a good game, McCarthy, and Si Ferry, strutting about the middle third like a Scotmid Souness. Smith and Old in particular showed up well at the back for EK. But theirs was a great team performance that they can take a lot from. It's fine margins- the width of a bar- at the end.


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Good summary. We are indeed slow and ponderous, not just in front of goal but all over the field.

A distinct lack of pace and movement which almost got us caught out.

Made heavy weather of it and just got away with it but could easily have gone East Kilbride's way.

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Yes a neutral something we have been suffering for ages, we continually pass the ball back and across at the back then need a centre half to punt the ball over our midfield. Today we missed Scot Brown as he is the one most likely to take the ball off the defenders and carry it to and beyond the midfield. Today we gave the ball away far too often sometimes even without being under pressure. We certainly do not try enough shots around the box trying to pass the ball in. It was never a very comfortable afternoon for us & was amazed how well our penalties were taken. Dundee in the next round is a bit disappointing as they should be able to get past us without getting a big crowd but you never know.  

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