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Stirling Albion Season 23/24 Thread

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Well done Albion and all that travelled today. I'm a bit fairweather but today was too much to get my canoe out.

It's been a better than expected start and we're comfortably mid-table. I thought Wilson was a good addition last week and can only get better.

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Excellent first quarter and probably needed as in this next quarter, we have to go to Hamilton, Cove, and Kelty which will be three tough away days. Couple of home derbies coming up too, so will be interesting to say the least. 

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A lot of tough games coming up not least Falkirk st home.

Getting a couple more in to enhance the squad has been great. It seems far better balanced now and hopefully results in fewer games with players playing out of position..

The injury situation also seems to be clearing up.

It's been a good continuation of last season.

The squad still seem a tight bunch who will run through walls for each other, never give up and genuinely seem to love playing together.

I'm really happy overall especially when you see how unhappy some other teams' fans are with their managers and squads.

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Think it’s hard not to be happy with the start of the season. Darren Young and his Coaches along with the lads on the pitch, really have pulled it out the bag in the first quarter. I don’t think any of us would have predicted such a good start.

The next quarter is tough, but it’s exciting. I wouldn’t write this squad off, as has been said, they seem to have a unity and togetherness that is so rare to see at this level but at times, seems to be an extra man on the pitch for us and we seem to just have a way of getting that 1-0 win or getting ourselves back into games. It would be totally unrealistic to see that every week, but it’s definitely happening more times than not.

The new additions to the squad have been impressive. Milne & Hilston have slotted in like they have always been there, in his 2 games, Wilson looks to be positive addition and Miller comes with some positive reviews from clubs he has been on loan at previously. Maybe the signings didn’t happen as quickly as some would have liked however, the early signs are that they do look to have been improvements.

Couldn’t have been happier with the onfield progress so far, this season, let’s hope things just keep truckin’ along like they have been. Think every member of last season’s squad has went up a gear or 2 and so far so good.

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The only thing that really concerns me right now is our overall lack of goals. Just 8 goals scored in 9 games is the worst in the league. I know we've generally been fine at the back, barring a couple of games, but I'd like to see our strikers start to score again. For context, the last time a striker not called Greig Spence scored was Dale Carrick's goal at Alloa in August. And that was a penalty. 

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It's been a great team effort this year again and there are lots of positives to take from what we've seen so far. I was a bit worried - like others - that injuries might cost us dear but the last few weeks in particular has shown that there's a unity in the squad that's quite compelling. Injuries to Davidson and Leitch have seen the emergence of Banner and Milne in an outstanding partnership. On Saturday at Palmerston Milne must have covered every square inch of that pitch. And Banner just gets better and better in that midfield role. 

Ewan Wilson has shown he's much more than a left back with some driving runs down the wing and solid defensive work. He looks like a super prospect. Young Miller looks assured and composed on the ball too. Josh Cooper has obviously benefited from a wee run in the team too 

We seem to be struggling to find the right blend up top but I'm sure it will come. I thought this year we might leak goals but also score a few as my view was that we had a comparatively weak defence but a decent attack. Wrong again. The defence has been excellent so far although it's noticeable that if you play round us and knock in crosses we can deal with them all day long. The problems come when attackers run at us through the middle as we've seen at Falkirk and Annan and to some extent with Hester up at Montrose. 

So lots to be positive about. The new regime seems steady enough if a bit uncommunicative and there's a good feeling behind the scenes on matchdays apparently. 

So a highly satisfactory first quarter. Some decent football being played, attendances up and ground improvements promised by our landlords. Well done to everyone on and off the pitch for a great effort and let's hope it continues.

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Isn't it nice to be happy with your playing squad and management team........

Coming on here and seeing the level of dissatisfaction a lot of fans have with their club right now definitely makes me feel better about where ours is at.

Some slightly odd stats. We have taken points in every game we have scored in.

All our wins are 1 0 and both our draws were 2 2. We haven't scored a goal in a game where we've been beaten.

We look more than capable of staying in this league 

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Good night at Ross’s Testimonial last night, although thought the attendance was maybe lower than I was expecting. Still, I’m sure Ross will have had a night to remember, and a good financial boost to his fund.

The first 45 minutes, Darren Young went with a strong starting 11. I suspect with injuries and knocks from Saturday, it was probably the strongest 11 we could have had (minus maybe Currie, McGregor, Spence & Moore but the later 3 playing the whole Second Half). There was also the formation change to 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 depending on how you look at it, with Cammy Clark playing as the left sided Centre Back. Although Dundee started straight out the blocks and played good football with what I imagine is there strongest 11, or not a million miles from it (all the notable names were there from what I know), it was actually ourselves that went into Half Time with a 2-1 lead, Cooper and McGeachie scored the goals and it was great to see Geeks score on his big day, not a customary penalty or a consolation goal, but a fantastic finish after some good movement at a corner.

We had the legends penalty shootout with some familiar faces present, most notably Alex Bone & Gavin Price, which was an entertaining Half Time.

Onto the Second Half and this is where the exhibition mode clicked in. Dundee seemed to bring on a youthful looking Academy based team and we brought on Lee Hamilton (ex Bino currently at Edinburgh City for any non Stirling fans reading) along with Kieran Moore, Jordon McGregor and Kieran Curtis. Greig Spence had come on seconds before Half Time after Dale Carrick limped off, which is a wee bit worrying but hopefully he’ll be ok for Falkirk in over a weeks time, fingers crossed.

A lad named Wilkie quickly made the scoreline 2-2 and that was probably the last meaningful moment of the match as it very much pittered into what it was. More ex-players took to the field, fans favourite Darren Lee Smith made a return (currently at Gartcairn) and was warmly applauded along with Kevin Nicol. I couldn’t find out if Nicol was still playing or not but he looked in good shape and had a couple of “Nicol type” challenges when he came on. Young Goalkeeper Chris White also replaced Mark Weir and with 10 minutes left Darren Young and James Creaney got involved in the action and for the remaining 5 or so minutes, Chris Aitken returned to replace the man of the moment, just in time to swing a fantastic free kick into the box.

If anyone was really interested, the game finished 2-2 and it was good to see plenty of smiles and laughs throughout the second half and a good competitive game in the first.

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4 minutes ago, WattersIsGod said:

I'd have Lee Hamilton back any day,always thought he was a cracking player.

I would agree, certainly as a Centre Half. Have to admit to thinking he was ok as a youngster at Left Back but when he moved inside, he was streets ahead of the other Centre Half’s we had at that time and was so composed on the ball. 

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It was always going to be more evident once the early form slowed down, but does anyone else feel like everything at the club is just a bit flat at the moment?

I suspect there is clearly some good stuff going on behind the scenes but aside from the McGeachie testimonial stuff (and I think they had a separate team leading it) there is once again nothing really happening. 

I think I have had one email from the trust since May - and that was a volunteer call on behalf of the club. Aren't they having meetings anymore? They used to tell us everything going on and then it just stopped?

Brian Hamilton left a month ago and as far as I can see there has been absolutely zero communication on who is running the club, a replacement, a process or anything?

The website remains appalling and has no updates. Now I can't claim to be a website expert but I have set up a few basic sites with e-shops in my time and whilst we obviously want a good website and not a half arsed job. It should take a few days to set something up, appears to have been about two years. Something, or anything might be more fit for purpose than what we have at the moment.

I sometimes see stuff being updated on the social media channels, news items, community updates, hospitality announcements etc but none of that is ever put on the website. There is precisely zero incentive for anyone to ever click on our website. Maybe it's down to workload, prioirities, volunteers or skillsets etc but just seems odd that we don't update the site we have with information that someone is obviously supplying.

On the pitch, we are still in an excellent position thanks to our first quarter results, yes there are worrying times, especially with our strikers form but on the whole I think all the supporters are firmly behind Darren and the players and they have earnt the goodwill and trust they will receive from the fans until the end of the season. On another note, do we deliberately not show highlights or manager interviews after a defeat? It may be a coincidence but something I noticed a while back? I may be imagining things. 

This will be seen as a negative post, and maybe it has ended up that way, although it's not intended to be. I think on the whole supporters recognise the position we are in now compared to where we were and are very happy but I can't ignore a feeling of total flatness lately in terms of buzz around the club, fan engagement and interest and wondered if I was alone in that? Maybe it was always going to happen after the hype of promotion died down.

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Can't disagree with the above.

Quiet and flat seems to the default.

Zero engagement.

It wasnt really any better even when we were winning the league last year. It was all so quiet. Nothing happening all summer.

I've said before that they totally failed to capitalise on last year's success..

Any buzz last year was generated by the team on the park and the fans in the stands.


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