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Twitter previews not working



As above, shared twitter links look like this for me;


When I clicked the hyperlinks in the days prior it would open twitter but now it does this


I appreciate it may be something on my end or indeed just Elon being a fucking walloper. I have toggled third party cookies, emptied the cache etc and still nothing.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a simple fix? I'm sure this has happened before but I can't remember how it was resolved.

Thank you.

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28 minutes ago, Div said:

When you paste in the twitter link are you choosing "Paste as Plain Text Instead" ?


It's when viewing links others have posted that I noticed the issue. But I did try to share a link last night and it looked as it does in the screenshot below even before I'd posted it.


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3 minutes ago, Div said:

Tried a different browser just to eliminate that as a potential cause?

I swear that was the first thing I did and it was the same. But I've just went on chrome now and it seems to be fine :lol:

I much prefer Edge so annoyed I can't work out what it is. Fannied about with all the permissions already.

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Omg. Thank you.

I moved it from Balanced to Strict a few days ago and completely forgot :oops

Have made an exception for the site and all works as it should now. Thank you!

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