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  1. Well documented at the start of the season we’d have two tiers of games this year.
  2. Dundee Utd are a massive club and we don’t have 3500 fans who will come to the game. Makes it quite difficult.
  3. Don’t fancy this at all today. Can’t shake the feeling we are going to get beat. Ayr are as good as 2/1 with mcbookie as well, a great price.
  4. I must’ve been down to Somerset 10 or 11 times over the years and have never seen us win. Never, ever feel confident going there.
  5. Haven’t seen a single post where someone is ripping into Hamilton.
  6. A lot of knee jerk reactions to change the formation after yesterday. We’ve had a great start to the season with 4-2-3-1. I’d like to see us give a front 4 a bit more of a run together rather than chopping and changing it week on week, but the formation is fine.
  7. Impressed by Airdrie in general but aye, Rae looks very good. Airdrie goal is very well worked. Aye Masson jumps in high up the park which leaves the gap but there’s a hell of a lot to do, still. Sometimes got to hold your hands up and say it’s a good goal worthy of winning any game.
  8. You’re right. Just watched it, can’t tell who gets the touch on the ball from that angle. Was hoping for that reverse angle we got from Easton’s penalty shout.
  9. Noticed that, too. I always time the second half on my watch, and the final whistle blew on 46:30. Having watched the Easton penalty claim again, it doesn’t look like a foul from the first angle but in the reverse angle you see the left arm of the defender go into Easton’s back, then his left knee make contact with back of Easton’s right knee which brings him down. Penalty for me, but the referee doesn’t see the reverse angle detail, so fully understand why it wasn’t given.
  10. There is a lot to like about Hamilton and he is clearly an excellent nunbee 9 but we are yet to see this lethal finishing that we saw him do for Arbroath so often. Looks a wee bit short of confidence in front of goal. One for @Roath Raver, why have we not included Stanton being (possibly) fouled when clean through? Was keen to see that again.
  11. What formation would you play instead? We played 4-1-3-2 in pre-season and it was terrible. 4-2-3-1 is the most balanced formation we can play with what we’ve got, imo.
  12. I like the idea that a manager’s word should be taken as gospel at all times. Especially directly after a game of football. Mind when McGlynn said no one had died? He was right.
  13. Hope Greig is alright. He does a bit of coaching with Joe Cardle’s academy in the park near me and seems like a nice lad. Fingers crossed for him but that doesn’t sound good at all.
  14. Going to be totally fair to Scott Brown here and say that that’s probably the first ‘bad’ performance he’s had for us since he joined at the start of last season. He’s usually buzzing around flying into tackles and driving us forward. Just not at the races today. I’ll allow him one!
  15. I think saying we go route 1 is wrong. We certainly do it more this season than last, but that’s because we have someone up there who wins a lot of headers. We still get it wide and try work it into the box more often than not.
  16. Thought we were poor, but easily could’ve won. Millen and Brown had uncharacteristic off days and Mullin was anonymous. I know he does a power of work but when Stanton goes off it just killed us. Him and Hamilton going off at the same time basically ended any hope of getting a goal. Masson, it’s a hard one. He needed to come on today but the downgrade from Watson to him is mammoth. He was at fault for the goal, trying to win the ball way too high up the park and leaving a gaping hole he never got back into to allow Gallagher to score. Wasn’t surprised he was a subbed sub. And therein lies our weakness. You can have all the forward players you want but if you lose a centre half in a game and don’t really have an adequate stand in it’s going to be difficult to win football matches. Not too disheartened. Airdrie did well, played their little triangles to get out of the press in their own half and scored when they got the chance. Be really interested to see the foul not given on Stanton when he’s in in the first half. Seen those (and a lot less) given and red cards shown. Equally thought Easton could’ve had a penalty in the first half. Stanton’s effort off the post almost goal of the season. Any one of those goes our way it’s a different game. Never mind, onto next week, still been a great start to the season. Edit: I actually thought it looked like Brown and Millen were unwell. Never seen Brown so lethargic and lacking in energy. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear that was the case.
  17. I really liked Varian. Never seen a striker win more headers for us, ever. Shame there was no c**t within 25 yards of him whenever he did.
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