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  1. You all hated my comment, looks like boss man agrees with me , I'll be back here later to give you all a wee tip of the hat when we win Honestly wonder what some of you watch on a Saturday, cause it's certainly no what's been played in front of you. Said it all season, 5 man midfield with grit. This isn't a game for a playmaker, it's a game to stamp authority on and try and control. Vaughan isn't superman, he's a good player for sure but sometimes having your good players come off the bench is actually tactically better than starting them.
  2. Mate I'm shocked about McGill aswell. When he played earlier in the season, he didn't really put a foot wrong. He's also got a bit of height about him. Winger wise we've been crying out for an Ethan Ross type player. There's absolutely no pace in the team, which has also hindered. We chop and change most games so get no continuity either. Our big problem is Murray has no clue on our best 11. Unfortunately our midfield are incapable of controlling a game when we play 4 but when we play 5 we are much better that generally means Lewy has to be sacrificed as he can't hold up a ball. Fans get pissed because he's our best player, but unfortunately dropping him may be for the greater good against some teams, he's also a great pair of fresh legs to come on. The team needs overhauled, there's no denying it. How we are in the position we are in, is astounding considering we haven't played well since we beat Utd at Tannadice. I think it's just a really shitey bunch of teams this year and we have been the better of a bad bunch.
  3. Connolly is left footed and is played on the right. If Mullin is more dangerous why are his stats worse than Connolly having played more games? I'd say Connolly is more dangerous and in fact contributed more than Mullin in an attacking sense. Stats don't lie. Defensively both have put in shifts. People see what they want to see, doesn't mean that it's correct. Facts are facts.
  4. Connolly this season I believe has played 23 games 3 goals 5 assists Last season, 33 games 10 goals an 5 assists. I'd say those stats aren't that bad considering a 10 game deficit. Josh Mullin 28 games 1 goal and 5 assists. Why are you not slagging him off? He's also started more games than Connolly and is naturally right footed I agree, I don't think he's been as effective at times but to say you don't know what he's bringing is borderline stupid.
  5. Maybe if Connolly was started on the left where he can play a ball in to the box, it may help. Every single time he goes forward he is having to cut back. Every team is wise to this tactic now. As for Vaughan, he was absolutely murder against Airdrie in the last game, worst I've ever seen him. Just because he is a decent player doesn't mean he's the right man for the game. If we do not win the midfield battle we will get beat again. This needs to be a 5 man midfield for this game, Mark my words, if it isn't we'll get beat again. Vaughan can't start upfront on his own as he can't hold the ball up. Anybody who says 2 upfront for this game needs to check the last 3 games against Airdrie to see why this shouldn't happen. This game could completely end any chance of us having a shot at the title, it's absolutely huge and Airdrie in my eyes go in as favourites as they've played us off the park in every game. If Murray fucks up the team selection for this then it's playoffs for certain.
  6. The team needs to have grit and determination, able to stop Airdrie playing through us. Every game against them this season has been disgusting to watch from a Rovers perspective. This has to be gritty not flashy. I'd go Dabrowski J. Brown Watson Murray Dick Byrne Mullen Brown Matthews Connolly Hamilton A solid team to start the game with natural footed players on the wings. Gives us Easton, Smith, Stanton, Vaughan and Rudden to bring on. I hope to never see Turner on the pitch again. He's been useless. It's a pity that Ashcroft isn't back as I'd like to have seen this; Dabrowski Ashcroft. Watson. Murray Mullin Byrne Matthews Dick Brown Stanton Hamilton Again having Vaughan, Smith Rudden, Easton and Connolly. That's an extremely tough midfield and a midfield I feel could dominate and create chances.
  7. You are actually quite spot on here. If things aren't going well for Utd, I'm sure Goodwin and the board will definitely hear and feel the tension in the stands. Could massively back fire on the board. Just a shame. Just acknowledge it's a big occasion and do the right thing, give raith the whole of the shed, this bollocks going around about segregation... Shite. There's no even segregation for the Dundee Derby in terms of only giving Dundee 3/4 of the shed. I believe we should have got the Jerry Kerr and Jim Mclean stands, with Utd getting the shed. If Utd sold out then would that not mean 10k+ Utd fans with potentially 2.5k+ Raith fans. I also forgot to add the 1k + Dundee fans wanting to go and see you stay down
  8. Genuine question for the Utd fans. Would it not have made more sense you keeping the shed and us getting the the Jerry Kerr and Jim Mclean stand?
  9. Cheers mate literally in the same seat as I was at the last game.
  10. I'll let you work that out you're obviously good with spelling and grammar. Your mum must be so proud of you
  11. Delight? Nah that's not delight, that's realisation and not been bought in by Murrayball.
  12. Pull yer head out yer arse and see what's in front of you Week after week this shite is being defended, it's pathetic. We just got beat 3-2 by the bottom team in the league, after being 2-0 up but that's right it's not all about me
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