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  1. Good result - unlucky Thistle, you blew it!! Championship clubs don't want County's away support in the coffers
  2. Sounds like Andy Ritchie has lost his false teeth
  3. Best £18.50 I have grudgingly spent in a long while !
  4. https://matchcentre.spfl.co.uk/fixtures You will see a live link to the match there
  5. Never tell me what to  think or say

  6. Brilliant performance from Bummer Brown, AKA Rab C Nesbitt, . He packs his bags and walks away with a comment from CG "if I told you his comment, his safety would be in doubt"! Doesnt give a toss about the diddy clubs - what a small thick minded bawbag he is, no wonder Green wont waste any time with him Probably said some sentence that he coulnd't translate into English. The boys are walking away, aint buying the season tickets, superb. Financial meltdown, what a laugh - that club created it! Rangers fans are due nothing to Scottish football, lol
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