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  1. 2 minutes ago, LIVIFOREVER said:

    Feeling like the Hearts game, where we've been the better team and had a goal ruled offside.

    Could do with bringing Anderson on, i know his form hasn't been great but we're creating chances for him to get in on goal, odds are he'll score if we keep setting them up for him.

    The only way I would bring Anderson on right now would be for Pittman ..Yengi is causing them plenty of issues and Anderson running from deep could be very dangerous. Not that Pittman hasn't done well, he just lacks that killer instinct at times

  2. 27 minutes ago, 10menwent2mow said:

    It's that time again. 

    Livingston will be the first team officially out if the title race if Celtic beat Aberdeen at lunchtime on Saturday. If Celtic fail to win then Livi must take all 3 points at Ibrox to maintain a title challenge. 

    Martindale still in the title hunt even after shopping at Primark is exceptional work....can't understand people's frustrations with him

  3. 1 hour ago, Fife Livi said:

    Shinnie was getting frustrated with him the day, clearly trying to direct him, but Nottingham was doing his own thing.

    Noticed Shinnie trying to orchestrate his team mates a lot today with nobody moving for him. He lost the tattie at Kelly a number of times for that reason

    55 minutes ago, EdinburghLivi said:

    I'd probably agree with you in the sense that Nottingham probably understands his limitations better than Devlin who appears to still think he's playing better than he is. Nottingham won't try as many stupid passes as Devlin and is likely a better asset in the air. 

    I'd try Donnellan next to Obileye (if he's not fucked again) next. If we're struggling with that, I'd potentially be looking at Ledingham rather than having either of them as starters again. 

    I'd like to see Ledingham now that we appear to be well and truly down already...blood the young lad for next season

  4. 11 hours ago, Durnford said:

    TBH at the moment my biggest concern is who have we actually got fit to play on Saturday - I'm not sure I can ever recall us with such a thread-bare team; even after administration when we had to let so many player go.

    Going by the photos posted it looks like Sangare and Penrice both trained in preparation for the weekend. The young boy Ledingham was talked up at the beginning of the season and has featured on the bench plenty but yet to see him play. With our issues in defence, I do wonder if we might see him at some point soon.

    With the personnel available we could go for something like


    Brandon Donnellan Nottingham Penrice

    Holt Shinnie

    MacKay Sangare St Kelly


  5. I would imagine our budget constraints would have the most impact on bringing in loans from bigger sides. These players from Liverpool, West Brom will still be on much higher wages than we can afford (even if it's only a percentage we're expected to pay). I'm sure martindale would prefer a young, up and coming keeper on loan from Sheffield United or something but we've had to go for a 39 year old Mike McGovern from Hearts

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