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  1. Was excited about heading up to this for my first away day in dingwall. But, since it's my birthday, the wife has booked us to go out for dinner then to a comedy show...I've already told her not to get upset at me checking the scores all afternoon
  2. For Livi the first name that came to mind was Hassan Kachloul, purely for the clusterfuck that surrounded him....tidy player too mind and scored with his first touch for the club. Came on as a sub at a free kick, swaggered onto the pitch, pushed Jason Dair away from the ball and swept it into the top corner. Robert Snodgrass could also be counted as a cult hero although he went on to have a great career. I remember the rumours of him going to Barcelona surfaced only for him to end up falling out with John Robertson and ending up at Stirling Albion on loan
  3. Lee Miller and Ryan Hardie were superb for Livi in the short time they played together.
  4. I'm a fan of Nottingham's attitude...yes he's a limited (Primark) player but we knew that. I spoke with him after the St Johnstone 0-0 game and he talks really well plus seems to take defeats, poor performance or even conceding goals like a fan. That type of player can make a huge difference in the dressing room. With Notts, Holt, Shinnie, Pittman, Penrice and, by the looks of it, Yengi and we have a good group of players with the right attitude to hopefully fire us towards safety.
  5. he sounds like a walking concussion
  6. Imagine Celtic winning the Scottish cup and Dermot Desmond gets presented with the trophy before any of the players get near it
  7. Sportscene were very much on the "boohoo, poor Partick thistle" but failed to mention the fact we scored a perfectly good goal that was chalked off for an invisible foul and had a stonewall penalty turned down for handball
  8. He seems to be refereed to a different standard to any other player
  9. I'd imagine the first one...that's how we set up v Killie and put in our best performance of the season
  10. Hoping Carson isn't missing out through injury. Looks like the same set up as the Killie game but with Nouble on the left and Mackay on the right. I'd imagine Pittman will drop into the role Carson played with Kelly taking the more advanced role
  11. Nottingham looked far more comfortable in the wider role and got forward well too. His height and strength replicated what Martindale tried with Bartley in the cup final. I'd imagine once Penrice is fit we'll see Brandon move back to the RB role and Donnellan continue in the CB role. Nottingham is a great option as backup to both these positions but we currently have better players
  12. I get the impression Stephen Kelly isn't the type of player a team needs in a relegation fight. The signing of Carson and his performance alongside Holt yesterday makes more sense for our need to battle. Kelly is a fantastic player on his day but too often he seems to drift through games and lack the steel we need.
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