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  1. I was hoping we'd be looking to bring him back when I heard his contract was up but if the rumours of United and Hearts are true then that won't be happening
  2. he saw you right by inventing the free kick that led to your second goal
  3. He might have with that massive save by Ortega
  4. He's coming off now and they've just shown the replay
  5. Makes it worse that the previous update they were talking about individual players
  6. He did play him as a false 9 for a while when he scored against Celtic. His touch and ability to keep the ball is akin to Stevie Lawless in him time with us. I'd like to see us keep him for next season
  7. Lovely stuff Martindale made the right changes today and it won us the game. I know it didn't matter in the grand scheme of things but winning a game is brilliant
  8. from our national broadcaster LINE-UPS from Firhillpublished at 19:03 19:03 Partick Thistle v Airdrieonians (agg 2-2) (19:45) Partick Thistle: Hemfrey, Watson, Fordyce, Ballantyne, Megwa, McMaster, Telfer, Hancock, Lyall, Todorov, McGill. Substitutes: Hutton, Taylor-Sinclair, O'Connor, McGregor, Gallagher, Aiken, Dunlop, Donnell, Gallagher. Airdrieonians: Mitchell, McMillan, McBeth, Murihead, Milne, Neilson, McInroy, Stanway, Robinson, Fitzpatrick, Graham. Substitutes: Stewart, Campbell, Diack, Alston, Loney, O'Reilly, Ngwenya. Mackenzie, Bannigan.
  9. The wee paved area directly under the B7015 on the left side of your picture is a high school, many folk park there and head across the bridge....not inside your blue circle but its a good option
  10. I'd argue that Hopkin taking us down was a bigger case for a manager losing his job. Relegated ahead of part time teams is definitely worse than being relegated with the smallest budget in the league
  11. It used to be one of our best signing strategies but we recently we don't seem to target the young lads released by the rangers, celtic, hearts etc as much. It's something we might benefit from going back to next season as a lot of these players are often desperate to prove people wrong
  12. Yeah was quite impressed by Sean's performance on Saturday...felt he looked comfortable and his set piece deliveries were very good
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