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  1. Get Joe in the back and move Gogic to replace Ethan. The midfield 3 are too similar in style. Time to shuffle the deck and freshen it up a bit. We have now shipped 6 in 2 games its not working
  2. Top 6 we are having a laugh. We will be bottom half with our away form.
  3. What the feck do our players do away from home. Shocking performance again
  4. I think we need a bit of transparency from the club. Hopefully the AGM will shine a light on our finances etc. Rumours about that 4 players to leave in Janurary. Curtis Main being one. How true this is will become clear soon hopefully
  5. Our away form is shocking. Simply not good enough. If anyone was watching Baccus etc they would have left after 10 minutes.
  6. Robbo leaving would be a disaster. Whilst I think he will stick around the players are also coming out to say they want him to stay
  7. Gilmour had his day. Like him or not I would rather he remained a fan than on the board.
  8. Dunne has the mobility Joe doesn't. He is also a better player with ball to feet. His range of passing etc is good. That is why he is in the team. If you look at Gallagher Gogic, Fraser and Dunne they all are comfortable with the ball to feet and are more creative. I like big Joe but I prefer our current set up. The clean sheets we are having don't lie. If we move on Joe and get a better forward player then its all good.
  9. In the passage of play where Baccus brushed the Utd player I did think the ref would give a foul. Not because I felt it was a foul but because the ref was giving fouls to Utd every time a player looked at a Utd Player. It is a contact sport ffs. Baccus had no idea who was behind him and was not seeking an advantage. There was several passages of play before Ayunga scored. Refs need to get this sorted. Without VAR it was a goal all day long.
  10. They can feck right off. Well i may have a different view after 4.45 tomorrow
  11. Another close game coming up. It really depends who is up for it.
  12. The post was tongue in cheek ffs. Given our good start to the season.
  13. Daily record trying to destabilise our club. If i was watching us for players Strain would be near the top. Best right back we have had in years
  14. To be honest to be sitting in the top half is a real bonus when so many have bigger budgets than us. We are doing superbly well. We bit of luck we would have been 3rd outright. In Robbo we trust
  15. Spot on about Main. He is giving his all for the team. Vastly improved under Robbo
  16. Killie with better clear cut chances but both teams could have played all night and not scored. We had too many not at it today. If I was Killie I would be disappointed not to win today. Poor game and poor referree. Onwards and upwards to next week
  17. Missed Strain and Ayunga today. Onwards to Killie game. In Robbo we trust.
  18. One of the highlights for me was the reaction from Martindale when we scored our second. It was pure gold. The behaviour of his backroom staff not to mention Devlin was pathetic. Great 3 points but our squad will be tested with injury and suspension.
  19. Robbo is the man. We actually have a manager with tactical ability. The squad he has built is impressive even when we play below par.
  20. A wee rub of the green would have seen us win the well game
  21. If only O'Hara had taken his other chance. Imagine the meltdown with a 3 nil win
  22. Was dreading this too however i just didnt think we would lose a goal today. Its as relaxed as I have ever been playing the old firm
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