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  1. I agree Mandron is better but feel Robbo will change it after the weekend. I would keep Mandron in thd starting 11 but we do play striker roulette
  2. Martin Cameron for half a season was superb. We haven't been blessed with great goalscorers recently.
  3. Having reflected on yesterday we need to look at things in perspective. We recently lost 1 nil to the blue bigots in a game we really should have taken something from. Our strikers were not up to it that day. Yesterday was no different. We should have won but for poor finishing. The difference is losing to Rangers is seen as a hard luck story but expected. Losing to Livi is seen as the end of the world. Both games should have seen us take points. We are crying out for a natural penalty box striker. We dont have one so we will have days like yesterday. Getting to 5th in the league is amazing. We are used to ups and downs and it is tribute to Robbo that defeats against Livi are seen as the end of the world.
  4. It's this type of fan behaviour that we can do without. Best manager in years yet its still not good enough for some. We have lost when we should have won. Hopefully we will take our chances next week.
  5. You are spot on. We all have days like today. You took your chance so well done Livi
  6. We have played worse and won. Games like today happen. Our strikers just don't have enough goals in them at times. Poor result but hopefully we bounce back next week.
  7. Not if you play like our recent game against you. Dream on
  8. Perhaps have Gogic give our strikers a boot up the arse
  9. Every dog has its day and today was Livi's. A natural goalscorer has plagued us all season. Ayunga would not have made such a difference. Still cannot believe how we contrived to not score.
  10. Mark O'Hara's was worse. Why is Gogic not hitting these or Baccus
  11. Jamieson is not the player we had hoped he would be
  12. Typical. Our lack of a finisher costs us again. Big 45 coming up
  13. Grieve on the bench for Dundee Utd. I can't see him returning to us. If Hemming leaves I would go for Raith's keeper. He looks the part
  14. A few injuries and sickness has hit the squad before tomorrow. Ayunga and MOH out and doubts about Gogic, Kiltie and Scott. Squad really stretched for game against Livi. Can only hope we can get 3pts
  15. If we have any ambition of top 6 we need 3pts on Saturday. Draws are not enough
  16. We just take it one game at a time. A win against livi will give us confidence goinv into the next game.
  17. We are crying out for a penalty box striker. Ayunga has his good and bad points. He is better playing with a runner to play off of. Mandron imo is better at holding the ball and has better close control. We have plenty options but no out and out number 9.
  18. Gutted to be out of the cup. We played really well first half. Oh for a genuine goalscorer. Jamieson just doesn't do it for me up top. He looks knackered and doesn't track back. Gogic is the best centre defender in the league. He is awesome.
  19. Jamieson in for Scott and Dunne in for Bolton. No MOH ??
  20. To be fair Bolton has been superb. Fraser is more reliable than Taylor and Dunne so its a good problem to have.
  21. Hope we stick with Mandron up front tomorrow. James Scott has still to really settle in so far. Hope to see him kick on tomorrow
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