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  1. Phillips has been awful today. Totally half arsed in everything he's done.
  2. Saints TV commentators optimism cracks me up. "If we can get 1 goal back, maybe the floodgates will open". A meaningful attack would be a fucking start.
  3. The half time "highlights" on Saints TV are an endless loop of us giving the ball away under no pressure, and St Mirren players wandering up the park and getting shots away from the edge of the box without a single Saints player even attempting to make a tackle. Grim stuff.
  4. Oh well. Might as well switch off now. Congratulations on your 3 points, Paisley.
  5. The number of simple 10 yard passes going astray is ridiculous. Thank god I didn't waste time and money going through to this. Never felt so disconnected to Saints as the last 3 years of shite-ball have made me feel. Games are totally bereft of enjoyment or excitement. We're utterly clueless when we have the ball.
  6. No idea how these 11 people will line up! A midfield of Carey, Max, Smith and Franczak is incredibly lightweight.
  7. Cunha and Neto have so much pace and power when running with the ball. Absolute joy to watch.
  8. Yep. Having seen a few Chester games over the last year, who are the level above Warrington Rylands, the standard at that level is pretty horrific. Plenty of effort around, but very little quality.
  9. From what I was told, they didn't play a single friendly/bounce game over those 3 weeks, which, if true, is madness.
  10. Spanish Love Songs - No Joy The Gaslight Anthem - History Books Will Johnson - No Ordinary Crown There Will Be Fireworks - Summer Moon The Menzingers - Some of it Was True The Airborne Toxic Event - Live at The Greek Dave Hause - Drive it Like it's Stolen Hot Mulligan - Why Would I Watch Steady Hands - Cheap Fiction Tidelines - An Ocean Full of Islands
  11. A player who I think would suit us just now is Nathan Fraser at Wolves, who's been made available for loan for the second half of the season. He's only 18, but he's 6'2", relatively strong and quick, plus has a decent scoring record for a fairly low scoring youth team. He was officially promoted to the senior squad at the start of the season, and scored on his debut earlier this season in the league Cup. There's supposedly a lot of interest in him. Fingers crossed we're included as we need an option up front with some mobility. Plus it would hopefully allow us to bin Jephcott, DJ, and Costelloe.
  12. Surely we didn't pay a fee for, and pay big wages to, Bobby Dailly? He was released by Millwall u18's, plus did he not fail a trial at Dundee before having a trial with us?
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