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  1. This. I agree with it entirely. I would be certain that the Board will have taken legal advice on how to act with respect to Brannigan's departure though even so parts of it have been handled badly and if he has now received a letter (which he is quoted as saying he has so I presume it's the case) then the OS at least should carry a statement about the position. Hopefully one will follow on Monday when people are back at work.

    Hopefully, this will give you something to think about, instead of continually poking your nose into DFC affairs.

  2. Whoosh.

    A couple of months ago, we were being told "I can't believe you're still giving him money." Reality has since sunk in further and wider. An appeal to prop up Angelo Massone has very little appeal. Very few donate. And, thus, now we're being told "I can't believe you didn't give him more money."


    A protest was confirmed a matter of hours before it was due on a message board read by, say at most, 20% of the support (200-250 people) and of that (being generous) 200-250, 70 turn up at such short notice. Given the bashing that our support's morale has taken over the last few years, I'd say it's not too bad.

    Theres no fucking hope left here.

  3. It was short notice, but yes, was well below what you would expect from other clubs in a similar situation.

    There I was praising CDE on Livilions, and he goes and says Massone has damaged "the good name of Livingston FC".

    Come on CDE, keep it real. All joking aside, you must surely be aware that Livingston FC have long been reviled as the most pathologically dishonest club in the country. At no time have they ever had (or deserved to have) a "good name". Operating as a club that at least honours the principles of integrity and honesty are pre-requisites to having a "good name", and that is something Livingston have repeatedly refused to adopt.

    Since the day the sun rose on Almondvale, "Livingston FC" and "integrity" have been strangers who have never met. The Kachloul episode was the nail in the coffin which clearly demonstrated the club wasn't the victim of circumstance.......deception was the modus operandi.....it was how the club chose to operate, and too many of you backed it to the hilt. If there is a time in your history when you have to accept that reality, it's now.

    Spot on, and thats why i'm going to have a right good laugh when it goes 'tits up'. :lol:

  4. There are so many amazing top gear moments. The episode in the US where they paints their cars distinctively is just comedy genius!

    Thats my favourite as well you did'nt see Clarkson for dust when the 'good ol' boys' arrived with the guns and dogs.

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