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  1. At least the Celtic fans will be kicking the shit out of each other in Glasgow just now.
  2. Ok irreplacable is a bit strong but we've seen the difference he makes when he has been playing compared to the spell when he was out injured. Hoping Strain and Baccus go down South, I'd hate to see them line up against us next season.
  3. Was going to mention McMenamin. I think he'll be a huge player for us next season. He'll be used to the league, its demands and full time football, with a good pre seasons training behind him too barring no niggly injuries, hopefully he'll shine. Strain is irreplacable but Rooney getting on the end of Tanser crosses should be lethal. He'll also batter a few left backs, should be entertaining.
  4. Raith don't play 2 extra games than the Premiership team. 36 +2 is 38, the Premiership club plays 38. 3rd and 4th play extra games as they finished lower in the league than Raith, which is surey in favour of the team finishing 2nd?
  5. I disagree with him. Thistle and Airdrie finished 3rd and 4th in a 10 team league. Raith get the benefit of a rest. Raith play 38 games, same amount as the Premiership club who finishes 11th. Possible fairer way to change it would be 2nd v 3rd then the winner plays the premiership club, but then you are taking away a playoff spot from the 4th spot. Ideally 2 up 2 down with with 3rd bottom in the prem playing 3rd place? But that will never happen.
  6. Speaking of raging. Your captain has issues. Angry wee man so he is. VID-20240303-WA0007.mp4
  7. More than a possibility. Why is he saying that exact phrase .
  8. We have a chip on our shoulder yet anyone who says anything against Aberdeen is a Rangers fan in disguise according to you lot . You'd think if that was the case we'd just go to Rangers games just up the road from us, instead of following a diddy team about. Every fan for every club claims for everything at the game. We try to influence the referee or assistants, same way the away fans were doing it today, same with you guys at Pittodrie, Hearts fans at Tynecastle ect. All part of the game and we are all guilty of it.
  9. To be fair it worked a treat. Helped disrupt us and we couldn't really get into a rhythm. Being serious for a minute they defended really well until Devlin made an arse of it. We ran out of ideas. Olusanya though, once again changing the game in our favour. This guys cult hero status must be rising week by week.
  10. Get that right up you Shinnie . And f**k you Warnock your big team got pumped too
  11. Scored into the raging cream bun recently too. Was given offside, at the time it was the worst officiating decision of the season against us, until last night.
  12. I like yourself watched the game on SKY. County had a questionable penalty looked at and the check was over within seconds. Same with the shirt tug/handball appeal from ourselves. I mean he could have gave it for the shirt pull alone which is baffling in itself. Aitken seemed to be trying to be more interested in breaking the world record for VAR checks instead of going through it thoroughly. The simple question for me is would he have treated the incidents with the same quick timeframe in a Rangers-Celtic game? The answer is obviously no chance. He shouldn't be allowed to to VAR again imo. Major major f**k up.
  13. Nah I don't buy the VAR bail out, Gogic made a mistake for their goal and was punished for it. That defender made a mistake in handling the ball, we may have missed the penalty (probably would have the way we were playing) but we should have had the opportunity to do so. Its an absolute shocker of a decision regardless of how shite we were. All the VAR checks were done in rapid time, can you see the same happening in an old firm derby? It has just proved they don't give a toss about the rest of the league, every result has ramifications for several teams. Can't see Aitken being allowed to officiate in Paisley for a while now. Rant just about over, sorry . To be fair to County they put a lot into the first half, pressed us all over the place and made it very difficult for us to get into a rhythm. They fell away in the 2nd half, probably due to fatigue and we got stronger the more the game went on. I don't care if Baccus is leaving in the summer, he has to start every game from now on for me. Olusanya, Ayunga and Scott all had an impact coming off the bench. Scott has to score that chance though, won't do his confidence any good. We deserved a point, could have been 3. At least we got something from the game.
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