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  1. his career is in a downward spiral. whats in wwe for him? theres nothing groundbreaking he can do in wwe anymore
  2. this whole straight edge society is ridiculous. festus is luke gallows
  3. what was the song during the highlights montage at the end of the rangers celtic game??
  4. me to tbf but seriously, i looked it up and it seems other people do the same thing, but they dont know why either
  5. who else thinks they should have used wcw rather than ecw for the 3rd lesser show so that they could maintain the old hardcore days of ecw?
  6. a lassie wants on top of me but a dont have the heart to cheat or finish it way my burd p.s the wee girls got massive tits
  7. didnt sleep until 4 o'clock on sunday morn. step da comes in pished at 7 and a had to carry him downstairs for a pish then help him bk up. and i'm the sorta person who cant go back to sleep after im up
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