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  1. Always found these types of metropolitan block buildings in the states quite interesting, like the AT&T long lines building in Manhattan or numerous metro jails in cities. You’d walk straight past without a second thought unless you catch a glimpse from further away and wonder why there’s a block of flats or an office with no or very few windows.
  2. Well yeah, 4k a week gross would clear just over 2k net. Some gig if you can get it.
  3. As your completely unsustainable funding is from a rich celtic fan on a mad ego trip, it’s not so much the moral high ground as the laugh at failure value.
  4. But not shocked at the suggested level since you haven’t questioned it?
  5. You didn’t ask for proof, and I don’t have any to give you.
  6. Finding value paying Owen Coyle a hugely inflated Scottish championship manager salary
  7. That wee drop shoulder utterly fudded Carvajal who thought he was going shoulder to shoulder for inside pass. Delightful
  8. The only ace card they have that could potentially cause any significant disruption is who made the skin colour remark. They won’t ever use it though, and all the Hello magazine style gossipy shite will continue to be easily rebuffed / ignored by the firm and subjects of normal island. Piss or get off the pot ffs.
  9. Dallas v2.0 also regularly guilty of this imo.
  10. Folk who suddenly and blindly 180° with their shopping trolley in the middle of the aisle. Also applicable to prams in any busy public area.
  11. Fair play to BT sport for showing them running away outside the ground half way through the second half. Glorious. Wish they’d gone for that atmospheric camera pan across the club deck at 1-7 as well.
  12. Ally was nearly bubbling there getting misty eyed about the journey.
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