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  1. I’m not sure how that would work given that the Trust is a shareholder, and that it is the link to Supporters Direct (although I’ve no idea whether that carries any weight or not). I’m not sure our supporter numbers can legitimise a fully functioning supporters Trust if I’m being honest. Not one that wants to have a decent sized dog in any fight that is. We can only dream of the numbers achieved by Motherwell, Falkirk, St Mirren etc. It’s almost fifteen years since Massone and although our fan base is arguably younger (and perhaps bigger), there are still clear factions within it and local business people who can’t agree on the colour of shite.
  2. There was a period where his goal scoring record was only a couple short of what Dykes achieved. At that time he was, in my view, indispensable. There’s always been rumours about him having a poor relationship with the manager, so his lack of playing time and supposed departure are both depressing and unsurprising. Good guy, good player (when on form), hope he thrives with you (apart from against us, obviously).
  3. The guy in the middle is the guy who actually posted that clip on YT. He said that the meenester was a “lovely guy, who drank me under the table in the hotel bar the night before recording”.
  4. Terrific goal. United of old. Everything fast, everything forward.
  5. Any excuse to post this piece of quiz magnificence.
  6. Final score 3-2 Winterthur. Cracking free kick from Bradley to make it 2-1 on the stroke of half time, but we were shambolic for their two second half goals. Defence caught square for their equaliser, and a deep cross to the back post caused all sorts of bother for their winner. Yengi rolled his ankle and then collapsed on the same one a little while later. Looked a bit distressed when he went down. Looked good up until then. Guthrie took his goal well, and showed a couple of neat touches to win the free kick form which Bradley scored. Pittman should have scored in the second half too.
  7. Livi Trust meeting slated for Sunday 21st January at 2:30pm. Hopefully all interested/relevant parties will be able to attend, either in person or virtually.
  8. Fascinating to read about hernia ops of all things on here. Had no idea this thread existed. I was in the Western in Edinburgh getting a paristomal hernia repair with mesh done on December 28th. Got out two days later, in no small part because of the ward I was on. Absolutely horrific experience, which meant I pretty much discharged myself. It was my third hernia op - the first attempt was 2010 and was the same as ICTChris’s experience, as it was carried out at the Spire at Murrayfield due to needing to get me off the waiting list. The place was palatial, but the operation itself was a complete botch job. Had a second much bigger op a year later which led to me having to leave my job, but at least it was a (relative) success. All the best in your recovery @ICTChris
  9. It’s absolutely wild. The first one is akin to a clothes line in WWE. There’s another, longer video of the match on YouTube. It’s just all running, the athleticism is incredible. That try could have been repeated three or four times On the flip side of the coin, the standard of goal kicking was atrocious.
  10. I can’t find the video just now, but there was an incident a while ago where Mo Sangare was in front of journalists in the media room, and the manager walked in and demanded that he take of his “hat”. I don’t recall exactly what it was, but I think it was perhaps like a male headscarf or a durag. Sangare looked embarrassed and a little unsure of himself afterwards.
  11. It’s just ridiculously good. Very of its era, obviously. I’m not sure any of those tackles would be allowed now. An interesting wee aside is that the commentator there, a guy called Cliff Morgan (himself an ex player of high standard) wasn’t meant to be calling the match, but Bill McLaren was laid low with flu. Morgan only found out on the morning of the match when he was pretty much handed a mic. That try happened in like, the third minute or something. I’m a bit of a commentator nut - those words man.
  12. Any excuse to post this. Far from a rugby aficionado, but this is magical stuff. JPR is no 15 for the Barbarians in this footage. He went on to become an orthopaedic surgeon I think.
  13. Likelihood of six all Premier League ties in the fourth round. Feels a bit weird that.
  14. What a plerr he was. Hard to believe that he and Charlton, considered the best in the roles at the time, basically man-marked each other out of the final in 66. Beckenbauer was only 20 at the time. The reaper must be on some kind of January bonus rate #prolific
  15. Where is this happening? If it’s Twitter or Facebook, is it on the clubs own page? If it is, then I would imagine whoever does the socials for the club would want to know. If it’s on the Fans Forum page on Facebook then one of the moderators there should be checking it out. You’ve said it yourself though. In Scotland there is a long held belief that if you’ve paid your money to get in, it somehow entitles you to be able to shout what you like. Just like folk will say that on socials, you can say what you like. Folk will have differing opinions to your laddie re certain players.
  16. Excellent. The Hebridean accent is fucking amazing.
  17. That’s incredible! Get this sentiment in the fucking sea though. #seriousbusiness
  18. Top of the table after week 1, with 189 points from two picks. In the entirety of last year I managed 200 points via three picks. Fully aware that my position in the table will drop quicker than a Leith hoors knickers, yet I can still say with certainty - I fucking love this game.
  19. You’ve no’ added my points for Draper there chief. Think I’m top of the heap. #seriousbusiness
  20. I noticed something similar was said on the Daily Heil in a piece they wrote about her. I figured Miguel Sanchez was still in a dark room contemplating Glynis Johns/David Soul for solos shot (both died on the 4th).
  21. All the answers you need are on the first page of the thread. There is a post which contains a spreadsheet containing the details of all of the posters who are playing the game, and who they’ve picked in their squads. A solo shot is when a person dies and they’ve only been picked by one player, I.e me this week with David Soul. A deadly duo is where someone dies and only two players have picked them (Mario Zagallo this week, for instance). That’s the beauty of the game. Do you pack your squad with well (or not well as the case may be be) kent faces and risk getting the same points as everyone else? Or do you pop a couple of randoms in your team who no one else may have, and celebrate loosely when said random meets their maker? Anyway, Mon the fucking reaper, get that scythe looked oot.
  22. I’m not sure they should feel embarrassed. By their own admission none of the people in positions of responsibility are particularly tech savvy so new(ish) methods of keeping people updated have possibly passed them by. Age, health reasons, they have also been given as reasons for why things have possibly fallen away. We have, since the days of Massone, increased our fan base and perhaps, more importantly, we probably have a younger demographic that could possibly get involved now. Who knows.
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