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  1. George Elokobi is a seriously cool guy. Love him.
  2. Absolutely fucking beautiful.
  3. Fully expect Ipswich to win this.
  4. Another lovely goal! Also, just noticing that Ipswich are sponsored in some way by Ed Sheeran. I knew he was from that neck of the woods. Hope Maidstone destroy them.
  5. Not sure there will be a better goal scored in the FA Cup this weekend. That finish, at speed, on his weaker foot - good grief.
  6. Having seen the two videos this morning, it appears to me that he’s struggling. He looks broken. It’s to his immense credit, in my opinion, that he feels able to come out and say that he can’t go on the way he’s going. Not quite sure they’ll get someone in who dials into the Liverpool psyche in the way he has, without employing Gerarrd.
  7. I still think there are valid questions to be asked, Troy. The finances are still an issue for me. I also still feel that a revamp off the pitch is needed, in relation to both the people in charge at the club and the LFL Trust. Having said all that, I couldn’t agree more with you; hopefully on field stuff can take centre stage now.
  8. As angry as some of the content makes me, that statement from the club is just what I was hoping for.
  9. Nobody writes like that anymore, which is to our eternal shame.
  10. Which is a nonsense frankly. I get that the current Trust set up isn’t up to scratch, and I understand the reasons why that’s the case, but all they’ve done recently is set people hair on fire with their messaging. To not follow that up is pretty irresponsible.
  11. There’s also the (frankly ridiculous) cost of implementing the VAR system. The cost of implementing this is done on a sliding scale; the higher your previous league position, the more you pay. The cost is approximately 70k if you finish 12th.
  12. Glad to hear this has all been sorted for you. I hope your Mum recovers well, best wishes to you both.
  13. Whilst talking to himself in the third person. “Is Davie Martindale a top ten bellend? Probably”
  14. What statement? Re the Trust being there, I look forward to them disseminating to their members any relevant information in the appropriate manner, rather than it being drip fed to people anonymously.
  15. Neil Rankine Neil Doncaster John Hartson/Kris Boyd Gordon Strachan Paul Slane Pat Bonner John Brown Derek Adams Scot Gardiner Douglas Ross
  16. Hmmm. I know I’m interested in what happens this week. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with people having no interest in what happens off the pitch, and indeed your common or garden fan can do nothing about it, but it’s no exaggeration to say that this week’s court case could pose an existential threat to the club.
  17. Folk like him give me the utter fear. The monotone delivery, the perma-grin, regardless of the message he’s conveying or the circumstances surrounding it. Just like Eddie Howe. Worthy of at least an appointment to get their hard drive checked. Oh aye - also, please keep him. The only scenario acceptable where he’s punted, would be if you took Martindale as replacement.
  18. Get used to that gap. A quick look at Reach (publishers who own the Courier along with masses of other local papers and also the Daily Mirror, etc) would suggest that redundancies, rather than replacements, are the order of the day.
  19. I’d be very surprised if Halliday happened. Apparently the question has been asked and he’s not interested.
  20. How easy is it to transfer the LFC shareholding that the current trust has?
  21. Never mind Martindale, that’s eerily similar to Don Paul’s offer to Massone all those years ago.
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