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  1. Methinks you’ve over lurked your presence.
  2. Upgrading is the responsibility of the NPA and its income source is the money generated from all the local clubs who use the facilities.
  3. Ice Station 1 North Lanarkshire last week Ice Station 2 North Lanarkshire this week Not the happiest of grounds for us but it would be nice to grab the 3 points and leap frog the Colts into 2nd place..
  4. He is injured apparently. Played in our friendly on the Tuesday and was injured in training next day.. Believe he went with Livi squad on there winter break. We are missing him but Mitchell can soften the blow a little but they would have made a decent strike force together.
  5. Jack Ruddy according to Wikipedia has played 45 games, been at 16 clubs on loan at 4 of them. Not a lot of game time in a 10 year career. We need Musa to be playing.
  6. Patchy performance today but 3pts just the same. Missing Stenhouse, McAulay, Rutherford, plus Johnston (tonsilitis) Gemmell (suspended). On the Plus side the the return of Keiran Mitchell the consistency of Irving, Kennedy & Travis plus the return to action of Jamie Hamilton who turned out for the U/20’s in his first game since an ACL injury last January - best wishes.
  7. Transfermarket doesn’t have him listed in their current squad but have two keepers listed. In his prime as a keeper at the age of 30. Maybe someone else had more info.
  8. Moving in the right direction now hopefully.
  9. I admit I did but it all began to unravel for me with constant tinkering and falling out with players.
  10. The fact he’s signed up till May 25 means just that he’s staying.
  11. After the disastrous Max era when we blew hot and cold due to constant tinkering Hunts & Michael have been a breath of fresh air. Sure there will be bumps along the way but they obviously have made plans already for next season.
  12. Likewise. Especially in a match against Beith where he showed what potential he had. A good bit of business by the club.
  13. You can please some of the players some of the time but not all of the players all of the time. From what I hear the dressing room is a happy place compared to what was apparently a toxic one under Max. Hunts and Michael have put together a decent squad which is proving itself, as shows from their league position. Using ex-players to scout for player to fit in to squad added to the management team getting some current players extending contracts can only improve team. Sending players out on loan for game time isn’t as sign of an unhappy dressing room just a Manager doing his job.
  14. We’ve played 27: He has played in 11, unused sub 3. Used sub 1. So has missed 12. Hard lines on him but not a good investment for the club but we were warned.
  15. Know Stenhouse was injured but what if any news on Rutherford & Mooney. Good to get updates on players. Good confidence booster for Finn Malcom with his double.
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