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  1. Ask the SOS Committee!! Seem to be the only ones in favour of it.
  2. As far as I am aware Balgreen Park is owned by Craiglaw Estate and Tarff Rovers were allowed to use it rent free .
  3. Newton Stewart has been bringing on local talent helped by the hard work of Galloway Thistle Youth over the past years. They have been letting young players have their chance and sometimes paying the price by losing games but keeping the faith.I will not say they are the finished article but I hope they are getting some reward now for sticking to their affordable and sustainable plan and their young manager.
  4. Creetown does not have a functioning hotel. It has two possibly three caravan sites. One with a bar. Doubt if you would get a one or two night stopover.Newton Stewart 10 minute's drive away has 3 hotels and 2 pubs,3 or4 B&Bs and 6 takeaways.Beware of false info!
  5. The point is not to attract a bigger crowd. How are players expected to finish work at say 4-30 at the earliest .change and get from say Newton Stewart to Nithsdale or vice-versa? to warm up properly and kick off at 7-45 when there are obvious alternatives available?
  6. Surely a bit of common sense is required! Nithsdale travels nearly 2hrs to Newton Stewart on a Wed night While Wigtown 10 minutes from Newton is sent to Lochmaben the same night. Where is the logic in this?
  7. One wee improvement ! Learn how to pronounce Club names. Loch May Ben, not Loch Ma Ben. Still good to hear outside opinions>
  8. The South of Scotland have,by a series of what looks like unrelated happenings, been thrown a chance to have a competitive and financially viable 12-team league next season. I hope they can take advantage of this and give us a league which can be a showpiece for a mix of up-and-coming young players and older players who just want to play for the love of the game. At this level, it should be about enjoyment for players and committees and not a chore!
  9. Congratulations to ANNAN ATHLETIC! Gave South fans quite a few anxious moments during the season but timed their run to perfection. Any chance of a reserve team in the SOSL?
  10. I think the most important criteria to place on reserves or second teams coming into SOS leagues they have players registered with the South League. The reason is in the past clubs like Cally Braves have 50 to 60 reg players and you either get a strong or a weak team in opposition. Hardly a level playing field if you are competing for the top spot. A provision could be made for the odd 1st team player coming back from injury or limited trialists to play. A wee bit of constructive thinking is all that is needed.
  11. Quite agree. Possil YM,s posting is out of order and obviously out of touch with the south. I find it difficult to see any merit in the South fixture scheduling. Sending teams 60 miles in April to play at pitches without lights means no time for warmup therefore more injuries and key players unable to make games. If you are lucky it works out for you! I know scheduling games is difficult, but computer scheduling at our level is not the definitive answer. Well done Vale and hard luck Creetown
  12. Congratulations to Abbey Vale ( the village team!) on clinching the Soth of Scotland league tonight. Enjoy . The league has been excellent this season with a great finish. There is life in the old SOS yet!!!
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