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  1. https://maps.app.goo.gl/HSugi6CASiy13qzP7 The Google image of the park (can't find a date) still shows the centre circle
  2. It'll be an incredible effort to stay up. I didn't think there was much between us last week in the cup, but the quality over Newton Stewart told in the end. There does appear to be a good group of players, possibly confidence, but a couple of wins in recent weeks will do you no harm at all. Good luck
  3. What tier would you put the 5 licensed clubs, 4 of which have been playing by the rules, and complying with SFA licensing conditions for longer than most other West Clubs have been in the pyramid combined. I get its a contentious topic and i posted in the West Forum a few days back on this too. What if we merged the South and West and put all licensed clubs in a West super (South and West licensed clubs) and filled the rest of the spots in the Premier with clubs to meet the number of spots for that league and then dropped the SSFL (non-licensed) T6 clubs in to the West T7; would clubs accept that? Ideally you don't and shouldn't penalise anyone, so you may need to rejig the Tiers below. Is having a license enough to catapult you to a higher level There is no reason to drop any T6 SSFL club to a lower level but neither has there been any alternative put on the table.
  4. Back to the SoS and WoS conundrum. South and West T6 licensed clubs in a newly revamped West Premier along with X number to make up 16/18 teams and then the rest slot in to Div 1/Championship with 3 up 3 down, but then relegating everyone else or could you revamp the West to retain the current number of leagues but restructure to ensure no one gets relegated (premier aside). I doubt anyone votes will being relegated but regardless of your view, the SoS has 5 licensed clubs (Newton, Creetown, Wigtown, Saints & Dalbeattie) and possibly Gretna next season too. Some of these clubs have been SFA members and played by the rules long long before any LL was in effect and were at one time T5. Maybe the West Prem could slot in at T7?
  5. Both Newton and Creetown to extend their winning runs you'd think.
  6. I'd love to have a look in the old pavilion and see the state of it now. Many a gid night in there in my youth
  7. Will leave that to those in the dugout to do their thing.
  8. Tbh, everything we tried today paid offand worked, we played well. A day for Saints to forget but I genuinely can't see them playing that badly again, or making so many poor decisions. I wouldn't read too much into it and can definitely/hopefully see Saints improve soon and expecially aim to spring a surprise in the Scottish.
  9. https://fb.watch/m7lep7fN4X/ We've just got our Veo Cam up and running. Longer term we hope to package a highlights video and if we can, try and stream some games.
  10. If its a breach of Rule 81, it's a minimum 10 games.
  11. The Lairds Inn isn't far from the ground, which does/did/may have a bar on the day.
  12. Some very interesting, difficult and intriguing ties.
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