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  1. Thats some interesting player positions that the BBC have just put up. Greive at centre back and Mcmann up front? I like it
  2. Id really hope that United fans dont think that just because we are top, we are decent. We are top because everyone else is shite and we are not much better
  3. Biggie has always been a hypocritical clown
  4. Id just like to pitch in with my thoughts on the new away kit. Fuckin rancid
  5. Cant believe people think that sort of stuff is acceptable. Fuckin tragic all over the pitch. And for Craigan to give Cudjoe motm
  6. No, we are still terrible. But we werent as terrible as usual so there is that..
  7. Wouldnt be totally against that team although Mcmann is fuckin honky tonk so we need a new left back asap
  8. Surprised? Nope Disappointed? Nope Just feel completely disconnected to the club and players so after last seasons debacle, today doesnt even hurt
  9. I dont think im being over dramatic here but i wont be back to a game if i find out that Aussie clown is in the starting line up
  10. I cant believe you are that desperate for attention that you have started tagging people.. Your woeful attempts at getting bites on our previous thread got the extremely short shrift it deserved. But you keep chipping away slugger
  11. Newman starts tonight as does Ross Graham. Middleton and Pawlett the furthest forwards
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