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  1. Spent a weekend fishing in this area many moons ago (The Mound).
  2. Correct. There is something about McIntyre's 'snarly nasal tone that intensely annoys me. Also...he may think getting his fellow pundits and commentators to argue and talk over each other is great radio but to the unfortunate listener its just an unintelligible rambling mess.
  3. Aye exactly that...." cos you dont know what you've 'lost till its gone." ............Joni Mitchell....."Big Yellow Taxi.
  4. I've a lot of time for Rhys McCabe. He should have a decent career in management ahead of him.
  5. Mate... this is the Championship. I wouldnt get too cocky if I were you.
  6. You do realise we also have a home game against you guys as well right?
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