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  1. An 'afterthought' would be a start !
  2. You think Sunak actually gives a f**k?
  3. Until the refugees up their game and start comin' across in one of these........
  4. Could be Big Duncs next career move.
  5. ... before tumbling into the surf Kinnock-style on a beach in Cleethorpes.
  6. BREAKING NEWS:- Julian Assange has been give leave to appeal his case against extradition to the USA.
  7. The whole lot of them should be forced to listen to a replay of themselves trying to talk over each other. Totally inaudible.
  8. The Glesga Polis (mounted division) will be putting in extra practice this week.
  9. County will see off Raith...fill yer glass up...its half-empty.
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