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  1. Swinney is catastrophically bald and has a ministerial track record to boot. He's better than Humza but it shows the real dearth of political talent up here. A safe pair of hands until some of the SNP talent from Westminster can be redeployed following the GE. As for the scaremongering about minority government. The SNP governed just fine from 2007 to 2011 as a very small minority government. It means compromise and working with the other parties. That isn't something to be feart of it may well improve things.
  2. It's a poll on P&B, there is only one answer. John Hughes.
  3. Not many or the SNP front bench could manage that tbf.
  4. I'm hoping so. I've bought one next to my Grandad in the North Stand but my brothers will be on the Terrace. I will probably move between both during the game.
  5. I don't remember seeing that option when I renewed last Monday.
  6. Plausible deniability. I'm sure his resources are his own.
  7. Some shout that. Perhaps the only person more catastrophically bald than Murrell. The motor home is Murrell's Akinyemi.
  8. It must be a burden to be so catastrophically bald. He was the poster boy for the catastrophically bald. Where do the movement go from here?
  9. Renewed my tickets. It was a wee bit convoluted but I managed in the end.
  10. Apologies folks. I have been dealing with some stuff the last few weeks. Will hopefully be a bit quicker.
  11. We must be due some construction porn from the North Stand.
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