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  1. Why didn’t you try and get a ticket when they went on sale? It was pretty well publicised what the sales process was, rightly or wrongly Sounds like some are kicking themselves for being too lax By the time the club weed out some **** with no sales history and put the extra 2500 on sale there will be plenty to go around imo
  2. Remember a *** getting thrown down the Main stand steps after being outed at a game years ago Oh how we chuckled
  3. Rangers & sellick Da’s need to post a certain amount of laughing emojis per day or Jesus will get them
  4. It’s almost as if your average Sevconian is gullible as f**k
  5. Fine night, thought we were very comfortable in the game, midfield strolled it Thought Motherwell were absolutely horrendous
  6. Me too Where do away fans drink these days? I see the Bullfrog is no more
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