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  1. Annan always a tough game home or away. I’m not sure what’s happened to them since the terrific League cup section display. Last season they blew the play offs not a doubt in my mind and rightly installed as one of the Title favourites. Rovers need to be on their guard and up their game even more.
  2. Who is the Stenny defender who pulls up when Dumbo score the third. Absolutely bloody ridiculous.
  3. Not much between the teams with the only exception is they can score from 2 yards out and we can’t so EF deserved the points in the end. Balde was excellent for them with some real quality balls coming into the box.
  4. I’d take a point. Canny have a makeshift striker this week and that’s nothing against young Jamie Leslie, but need a striker from squad or loanee or trialist.
  5. From a Rovers point of view I thought we were the better team overall but alas that counts for nothing in the end. Looked as if we would take a point until a goalkeeping mishap for the Sins winner. I thought the red card was harsh but the penalty award correct. Arguably Rovers could have been 3-0 up at that point but both sets of fans can clearly see the firepower we are lacking. Good to see Gordon Lennon’s Dad (and the Beast) at the game.
  6. Tough match for the Wee Rovers. I assume Dumbo are up there with Stenny (possibly Stirling too) in the highest playing budget stakes. A good chance of former players coming back to haunt. Rovers need to get their shooting boots on for the morra.
  7. What happened to Darren Christie? I thought he impressed last year against Rovers. A really positive player. Brian Reid has probably signed the best he could with the budget he has, we’re short of 2-3 players for a full squad though. I’m assuming some loan deals in the offing.
  8. An amazing league cup performance from Annan. I think they have great chance of the title- have built year on year. The manager has done a smashing job.
  9. Unlikely my fellow Rover although we did fire a wee warning shot across the bow with a deserved win against Kelty yesterday. Of course we’ve been here before- the premier cup is a pseudo pre-season tournament. League Two will have a bit more of a traditional look this year with no moneybags Kelty/Cove lording it over us. I’m assuming Stenny are the club with the most cash with Stirling close behind.
  10. A good few predicting Rovers will finish bottom. Most Rovers fans wouldn’t want it any other way.
  11. Probably the fact Cowden fell through the trap door last season has elevated our chances of being club 42. Rovers tbf are always underdogs so we really wouldn’t have it any other way.
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