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  1. I witnessed a kelty youngster striking a young Rose supporter...
  2. That would probably still be longer than your mob were in the Scottish
  3. Just like last week didn’t stick away as much chances as we should we march on
  4. Either way you’ve made a twat of yourself slagging us last few weeks now a desperate call for the grammar police Wee bit respect [emoji1417]
  5. Nothing compares to that alcy and his crew behind the goals right classy bunch
  6. Not suite quite the goal fest at Berwick but a good result for the cuiky all the same
  7. This ain’t Brendan William . I’m just asking a question was it Penicuik for you
  8. That’ll look an even better 3 points later in the Season for me delighted we’ve got the Berwick away out the road they’ll get better with games for me was always going to be a difficult game fully expected a response from Berwick after the league cup going into there first lowland league fixture and that proved so but our boys used there experience soaked up the pressure and took a deserved win.
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