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  1. Signed from the Lok and was an absolutely superb player with us-massive energy and dedication at training and on match day and ran teams ragged when we faced them.Great lad and all of us at the Lok have been delighted he has done well. I don’t wish EK any problems either-if a club has ambition and wants to progress that’s fine -they may have money but so have others .Leagues do need a refresh to keep things going and it is just disappointing for us in the WOSFL that our title winning team Beith are again not ready to be eligible for the playoffs-frankly a farcical situation which blocks progress at our end.
  2. Yes agree with the above. A famous club with a great record in days gone by but the support/interest has dwindled and the ground is in really bad condition so a lot needed to rescue things.Just hope they can turn it around.
  3. It’s amazing the fine lines in football-Clydebank gave a very good account of themselves for 6 months or so and if they hadn’t lost at Beith then the run in for the title was on a knife edge.Seemed a pretty decent squad of players and not far away but the fans will know better on that one.
  4. It’s the best soap opera in town.Much as Lok fans may have issues with Tony he actually seemed to be doing pretty well.
  5. Spoke to Luke on Saturday at the player of the year awards night and he isn’t going anywhere-he said he was delighted to sign on again for Lok
  6. Both are signed for next season so afraid not!
  7. No fire sale-the player knocked back the approach. Financial issues are under control as well.
  8. Clydebank had a pretty good season and really were in with a very strong chance of the title until the bad run in Feb/March.Dont know what happened but up until that point I fancied them to win the league. I think they pay pretty good money for players too and heard they came in fairly strong for one of our top players recently.
  9. Doesn’t look like it-would say the crowd is 50/50
  10. Largs are a tough nut to crack as well-they have had a good season!
  11. Absolutely . Complete commitment and got the deserved reward.Great guys involved at Campbeltown and doing everything they can to keep competing despite all the challenges.
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