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  1. What relevance is the time of the winning goal? They also missed a penalty against Raith. In both games they went behind and in terrible form dug in and came back. That’s enough to tell me there of a higher standard than the teams currently sitting in places 2/3 in our league.
  2. The same team that easily beat the 2nd team in our league as well as the 3rd team in our league. There is a gap in quality from the Championship to the Premiership.
  3. Cardle was at the game with Arbroath manager Jim McIntyre. Doesn’t look like JC will be signing, not sure he’s what we need right now anyway.
  4. On paper would have been an excellent signing. Not seen this reporter anywhere else.
  5. What a strange choice, he’s not exactly pulling up trees at Queens.
  6. Just as well there potentially back along with Fisher. Big decision for McPake.
  7. Jealous of what? A couple of wins and 2500 home fans. Let’s see how the next few seasons pan out. The wee team fans are first taught to hate the Para before even starting to like their own team. It’s hilarious and pathetic.
  8. Was there no away fans at any of those games? Like it or not the best core support you can gather is 2500. That’s not sustainable for challenging unless other money is added to the fund. Be that from directors or other sources.
  9. Take away the games against us and United and the crowds are poor. No matter what way you dress it up. The numbers won’t be adding up for long at Starks.
  10. You can’t run a title challenging team on home crowds of 2500. Murray and Hamilton signed from English teams. They will probably be on more than any other player in the league outwith United and Queens Park. its a wild take to suggest your not throwing money at a title challenge.
  11. Let’s be honest. The difference is the Rovers board are pumping in unsustainable amounts of money to get promoted. With the poor crowds you get that isn’t a long term plan.
  12. Wighton also playing….. assume it’ll be a 10 minute cameo.
  13. Otoo would be a more than adequate replacement for Edwards.
  14. He was in the Rovers directors box jumping about at the full time whistle. He’s not signing for the good guys of Fife that’s for sure.
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