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  1. Anyone that thinks that 6 point gap is enough is deluded.
  2. Lol, missing that otherwise folk will think you're being serious
  3. Its getting concerning, given the start we've got could easily find ourselves fighting a relegation battle from the start. The squad would be paper thin without the injuries to key players we've already suffered before the season even starts. The board seem happy to go cold turkey on their plans even if it means a swift return to L1
  4. The more I look at that, the more I think it was actually a planned move. The wall wasn't quite positioned to cover that side of the goal to tempt Airdrie to take the shot and he jumps sideways to block.
  5. A couple of the comments above and on the Falkirk thread tweaked my interest enough in what the difference would be if Dunfermline hadn't been in the league but, unsurprisingly given their dominance, overall the table looks much the same as now albeit it'd be a more interesting run in for that promotion place with at least 15 points up for grabs for everyone down to Montrose in theoretical contention for the top spot.
  6. Prince Andrew is looking for a gig just now, he'd fit in just fine.
  7. We have keepers? I thought it was the tea lady in goals this season.
  8. Pfftt, I see your hay and Scott but trump it with forsyth.
  9. Looking optimistically, could this be the plan to move masterton on to be replaced by Purvis group? Struggle to see an upside for Purvis to come on board if things are about to fold after all.
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