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  1. Shows how far we have come when I'm going home thinking we could've got something from Falkirk today and maybe would've on another day , lads all put a shift in today so no complaints , beaten by the best team in the league by far and think all the teams will miss the blue pound as they like to call it next season, great travelling support , hopefully Moore close to returning as need his skill and ability to create in midfield for the run in , playoffs all but gone for me now as Montrose, Alloa ,& Cove all just have that wee bit more than us including points so let's try consolidate 5th/6th and that would be a pretty decent season imo ,Would take Alfie back at us next season maybe championship level too much for him
  2. think we've conceded at least 2 every time he's played , coincidence???
  3. The top dogs visit us on Saturday and hopefully we put up a better fight than the last time they were here , we are a wee bit fragile at the back which scares me a bit for Saturday as the Falkirk fans are thinking someone is in for a severe trouncing with the chances they are creating each game , that said it's football and anything can happen but would happily take a point from this one
  4. Falkirk fans get in at the community centre end and always a few committee members at the turnstiles for the whole game so should be someone there keeping an eye right up to HT at least , hope you enjoy your visit but not too much
  5. Thought you guys played quite well against us last week as well and as I said another 10 mins and you would've taken a point I reckon , the young ones just kept at it all game , Muambo no 7 I thinks his name was a real handful and should've buried his 1 on 1 but really like the looks of him
  6. Just seen the goal , didn't even know it was their keeper that scored on Saturday , right kick in the stanes that wan
  7. Well it's the midterm break and happy to report we are 2 points , 4 goals and 2 places better off than this stage of play last season Tidser has performed a minor miracle this season after basically starting from scratch , the football is good to watch and they all seem to be buying into what he wants to do , obviously a few hiccups along the way even yesterday score suggests we took a hiding but actually could've just as easy won the game Mid term report B+
  8. Just noticed EC got a draw yesterday , to be fair the young lads keep going till the last kick and still full of energy after 90 , I honestly reckon if there was another 10/15 to go on Tuesday they would've snatched a draw at Kelty as well
  9. Got back into it but more to do with Montrose mass subs I'd say , we really need to sort out defence out , plenty goals though and Montrose probably deserved it away down the road not too unhappy with performance but f**k me our defence is woeful at times
  10. Brutal times to loose goals and defence needs to do better , apart from that hee haw in it
  11. Great game to watch last night , thought Raith eased up a bit after getting their goal and aloud Utd to dictate the game a bit but still looked good on the counter , difference was the the triple substitution, was the lift Rovers needed at the right time and the winner was well worthy of winning any game , great advert for Scottish championship , no var , crunching tackles , great goals what more do you want on a Friday night Well done Rovers
  12. Both teams will be looking to keep February winning streak going and bag the 3 points that may take either into playoff spots , usually half decent tight games so expecting the same on Saturday head saying 2- 1 Montrose hearts saying 2-0 Kelty so will probably be 3-3
  13. Decent Tuesday evening viewing , EC will be gutted with the chances they missed first half , probably should've had 3 , defo the one no 7 was clean through , we looked sloppy at the back for 15/20 mins and they took one of their chances , great header by McGlynn for equaliser and then to be fair would say we pretty much bossed the game , got another couple (bit of class from Cunningham )and then switched off at the end , EC have a cracking few youngsters in their team but a very welcome 3 points in the bag the night
  14. Great quote , just been thinking though you guys were a lot happier in league 1 and winning so maybe going to take a few yo yo like seasons to get back on track as much as it pains you
  15. Big game the night at NCP hopefully pick up full points and another clean sheet wouldn't go amiss , midweek games can sometimes be unpredictable though , 2-0 Kelty
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