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  1. How in the hell has the referee given a goal kick there. I’m not even angry’ just stunned
  2. Henderson. Think he just meant to trip him but the contact didn’t happen when he expected it too so he caught him a bit higher up
  3. I was watching the game on FalkirkTV and Rose pulled up a couple of times before he went off. He was the only player I was worried about on the Accies team
  4. Felt the ref could’ve shown another yellow or two for some of the tackles from behind on Hendo. Felt that there should’ve been a card too when Yeats was clattered into without the Accies player going for the ball
  5. Not the best angle on FTV but definitely appeared offside there
  6. I’ve just watched the highlights and my days that is quite the overreaction on your part. That same tackle happens a couple of times in every game ya whining baby
  7. Is it just me who has a really jumpy stream? Windy and effing Baltic here so it could be
  8. That is not a penalty. He took another two steps before starting to go down
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