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  1. QP(B) v Celtic B at Lesser @ 2... Bit unfair for Celtic B to get home advantage.
  2. I largely agree with this. Can maybe see us going with an extra midfielder against United tho.
  3. Good to see the club quietly going about their business - signing folks up and squad-building. Agree with qpfc - Bruce would be great to extend. Imagine we'd want to see Savoury back before making any long-term commitments but he'd be on my stay list for sure.
  4. Hinds is an interesting one for sure - looks lively, maybe a bit of wild-card potential off the bench? Don't think Wilson was mentioned in the preview... must be fairly close. But is this the game you'd pick to be the first back after months out?
  5. Be surprised if Wilson goes straight in. Too close to the deadline and don’t know about match fitness. Crole maybe biggest chance of being involved?
  6. quite up for Wilson getting announced asap... hope his agent isn't still shopping him around.
  7. Maybe I'm doing them a disservice and Welsh plus Mackenzie Carse coming in was good cover and squad building.
  8. Quite inconvenient to realise this, at this exact stage of the season.
  9. Is this the downside of the end of Beuker-ball, transitioning to meat and potato-ball?
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