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  1. Genuine goosebumps when that second Stranraer goal goes in. I'd say that's what football is all about but given what this particular game means, I'm not sure many will have lived through quite THAT outpouring of emotion. It's also hilarious to hear a drum suddenly stop.
  2. I would be amazed if Ruth is at Clyde or Dumbarton next season. Perhaps a question mark regarding his goalscoring, but his all round game is as good as anything at this level for some time.
  3. This is the sixth time this season that I've seen Spartans and their presence in this match is absolutely baffling.
  4. If Scullion keeps up his current progression then we can sell him for £1 million in January. Which would increase our wage budget by about 10% I reckon.
  5. Docherty is the only player that Kurtis Roberts tried to run past in the 22-23 season, and managed to stop him. I think he's a decent signing. I can't quite place McKay from Airdrie, I seem to think he played in midfield more often than not though.
  6. Gary Maley was signed on an emergency loan as both keepers were injured. Whilst not disagreeing with the overall point, it's unduly harsh to include him in that list.
  7. They've entrusted one of the worst referees in the league with a playoff final; he's about two yards away. Absolutely crazy.
  8. For me, McCall and his team staying tells us everything we need to know. He isn't going to be hanging around if there's not guarantees in place that we will be strengthening considerably. Whilst accepting you need low maintenance squad players, I don't fully understand Hynes retention (at least there's no questions about his effort and dig) and there are definite questions about others but it's a very strong start. Tying up a competent goalie early doors is always key and Kinnear will definitely save us more points than he costs us. I'm surprised Houston is only 24; I thought he had been around for ages. Should be a decent player at this level. Hopefully some stadium news soon to fully convince me we are finally heading in the right direction.
  9. Don't even think about it McCall.
  10. I know he is here to provide the Rangers bias, but I genuinely can't see what Kenny Miller is on about here. It ticks every box. Out of control, excessive force and lands above the foot/ankle. Now he's crying about Collum talking to the players. Literally crying.
  11. Lundstram isn't unlucky at all; that was dreadful.
  12. I'd have kept Sula over Dunachie but with the latter already contracted I'm not surprised the former is moving on. He's been better than a fair few over the last two years so good luck to him. No surprise about Young leaving, I hope he gets a decent gig where he's playing every week. Conor Scullion will live on as an eternal reminder of Jim Duffy's negligence. I've never seen a player more scared to go in for a tackle. Cameron shouldn't have been signed by Lennon, and should then only have been played as a ten. One of many who no doubt stand out in youth games and friendlies but just can't handle a full pace, full strength game. Neil Parry gave us one great season, arguably only DGW had a bigger impact in keeping us in L1, but then disappointed last year. He should have left but I also reckon we would have been safe sooner had he, even with his considerable limitations, been in goals ahead of Leighfield this year. I'm fascinated to see which of the others re-sign.
  13. I'm totally on board with McCall staying on. There's not another manager that we could appoint this summer that I think would be better suited to ripping up a squad and there's no doubt that he sets a standard and has an aura that is fully required at our club. That said, he can't simply hold us to ransom. Hopefully things will get confirmed asap. Hopefully we hear from Maitland soon as I feel like we have an opportunity to capitalise on a bit of a positive feeling. I trust his recruitment and without knowing wages, players availability etc. I'm not going to go through the whole squad . However, here are my thoughts on a few: Ross Lyon - I've always been his biggest critic and he was absolutely terrible in the first half of the season. That said, I was delighted that he was starting at left-back instead of McGinn yesterday, and he's definitely had some decent performances since the New Year. I think you know what you'll get from him; he knows the position well, he'll work hard and not hide, but he'll struggle against a more physical opponent and be worse than average on the ball. We absolutely need first choice full-backs (don't we always?) but would I be overly bothered if he was kept to be one of 9 subs? Probably not. Connor Young - It's so frustrating that the same player that can put in displays like his debut against Elgin, and the 3-2 win over Bonnyrigg, can also be worse than a man down against Forfar (as an example). He can strike a ball brilliantly and works his socks off but never seemed to find himself in the position to have a shot at goal. For me he needs to play every week and he won't get that here. Martin Rennie - Can we get the performance he's put in the past two games over a full season? If so, it's a no brainer, he's used his physique to absolutely bully EF and Elgin. A year and a half of looking barely interested at times is a major red flag for me, but he's also scored goals at a decent rate. For me, he's probably the sort of player that needs to start every week, but I'm not convinced he should be if the summer goes as hoped. Definitely not as a centre forward. 50-50 probably. Liam Scullion - Keep and give a 2 year contract, with no hesitation. He'll be one of the best players in the division next season.
  14. They've got no chance of going up, we are joined at the hip.
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